What is VirtualShield VPN? This Review is The Answer

What is VirtualShield VPN? This Review is The Answer

The rise of the internet has brought us the whole world at our fingertips on our smartphones, tablets, and computers. With new developments and innovations in the field of technology and networking, our lives have become increasingly dependent on the World Wide Web to accomplish a wide array of regular activities.

However, together with the ease of access and requirement to key in your sensitive information, security concerns have risen just as fast as the technology itself. The internet has essentially become a utopia for online criminals with a variety of motives: hacking, theft, blackmail, or identity fraud.

An effective way to combat this is through the use of a VPN. A VPN secures your connection by encrypting all your personal data and by hiding your IP address. Picking the perfect VPN may not be easy since every consumer could easily find a near-infinite number of VPNs by running a simple google search, with each VPN providing a different price tag for varying levels of security.

VirtualShield VPN ranks well among the top VPNs in terms of security and browsing speed. With unquestionable privacy protection and superior speed, VirtualShield VPN has satisfied a large number of users for their every need. Without further to do, let’s delve straight into what VirtualShield VPN has to offer and why it is worth subscribing to.

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About VirtualShield VPN

VirtualShield VPN was designed with unparalleled privacy protection in mind. Everything was built from scratch instead of using an existing model and improving upon it, which guarantees your security. VirtualShield uses L2TP and OpenVPN UDP/TCP connection protocols to protect your privacy, paired with a unique medium of encryption. VirtualShield also doesn’t store any records of your connections and is immediately removed from the database when you disconnect.

The company is based in Delaware and has been around since 2017. Having served four years nonstop, VirtualShield got to adapt and improve based on customer reviews and has earned a solid user base thanks to its solid privacy mechanisms and ease of use, together with a quick-to-respond customer care service.

The VPN can be set up on a diverse number of devices and operating systems such as your apple/android phone, android TV, MacBook, Windows pc, or even on Linux. Each of these devices can connect to servers in over 10 countries, allowing you to choose which location is optimal for you. If you do not wish to download a separate app, VirtualShield can also be installed as a browser extension available for chrome, opera, and Firefox.

VirtualShield VPN Notable benefits and pros

VirtualShield VPN offers multiple benefits to its users. Some of the main advantages that make VirtualShield VPN stand out when comparing it to other VPNs include:

· Privacy protection

Privacy protection is top-notch with only a few other VPNs to rival VirtualShield. You can most certainly feel safe and sleep easy knowing that your data and all browsing activities are not in anyone’s hands. This includes any third-party hackers or spyware, your ISP provider, or even the VirtualShield company themselves.

· Connection speed

Most locations you could connect to provide a high-speed connection topping 33Mbps over a 54Mbps connection according to one test. Many customers confirm that you could obtain a high speed even if your connected server is far from your geographical location.

· Bypassing censorship, restrictions, and blocks

Since you’re connecting through a remote, secure, and encrypted server, any geo-restrictions imposed by your ISP provider or the network you are connected to will be neglected. This means you could access certain streaming services such as Netflix which may be banned in your country.

· Torrenting support

Despite being located in the US, VirtualShield allows users connected to its servers to torrent. VirtualShield does not keep track of what websites you visit, ensuring that your activities are safe and kept private.

· Wide range of servers available

You could choose from servers in up to ten countries: the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. Your connection speed may vary based on your chosen location, depending on the physical distance between your location and the country you are connected to.

· Compatibility

From android TVs to MacBooks, Virtual Shield is compatible with a wide range of devices. You could install an app or an extension and get your VPN running regardless of the device type, operating system, or browser you are using.

· Ease of use and setting up

It is extremely easy to navigate through the desktop app, requiring no technical knowledge to turn on and off your VPN. Also, the downloading and installing process is easy since there is a wizard to guide you through the process. Upon setting up the app, the “connect” and disconnect buttons appear large and easy to spot. The four tabs are precise and clear, in addition to providing you with some extra features which might be useful, such as the “performance” tab. The instant notifications when the connection is established are convenient, among other things.

· Customer care

Last but not least is the prompt customer care that provides you with multiple options to reach them. VirtualShield has a live chat customer care which can be accessed through their website, as an alternative to reaching them through email.

Points of weakness and space for improvement

There aren’t many weaknesses or cons to using VirtualShield VPN. However, there are a few departments they can still improve to increase customer satisfaction. Some of the disadvantages to using VirtualShield VPN include:

· Doesn’t unblock all websites

While streaming services such as Netflix can be accessed using the VPN, there are certain sites and streaming services that VirtualShield doesn’t unblock, such as BBC iPlayer.

· No support for routers

The VPN service cannot be installed on a router, which may be a disadvantage in some circumstances.

· Live chat and support isn’t 24/7

This could be a disadvantage since there is a customer base from all over the world, involving various time zones. It may be frustrating to wait for a response while you need to connect to the VPN service quite urgently. The email service can take a while to respond, which makes it an unreliable option.

· Quite pricey and no money-back guarantee

This causes VirtualShield VPN to lag behind some leading VPN service providers since the options may be slightly more expensive and the company practices a strict no-refund policy.

Available Plans and pricing 

There are 2 different plans available, depending on your need. Each offers you to install VPN services on multiple devices.

The Personal plan allows you to install VirtualShield VPN on up to three devices. The pricing depends on your subscription option, with the cheapest being the 24-month option at 4.99$ a month, the second being 5.99$ a month annual option, and the most costly being the monthly option standing at 10.99$ a month.

The Family plan lets you install the VPN on 15 devices with prices: 14.99$/month for the 24-month subscription, 17.99$/month for the annual subscription, and 29.99$/month for the monthly subscription.

While the options may seem costly, subscribing for a longer period of time is the cheaper option. However, since there are no refunds, it is recommended to try out the 30-day trial to see if the VPN features meet your requirements.

VirtualShield VPN Verdict

While lagging behind some top VPN providers in the market in sales, VirtualShield VPN has many strengths and features that may be unrivaled by most other VPN providers. The greatest advantage of using VirtualShield VPN is the extreme security and privacy protection that comes as a part of the package. Some added advantages and benefits include ease of use, compatibility, and great customer care. Overall, the VirtualShield VPN is worth every dollar if you are looking for a VPN service that is easy to use and guarantees your safety online. 

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