What is SpyOFF VPN? SpyOFF VPN Review

What is SpyOFF VPN? SpyOFF VPN Review

“SpyOFF VPN genuinely lives up to its name in terms of your privacy – it doesn’t save any sensitive data, and its logging policy makes it evident. There are no ifs or buts – you can expect complete privacy with no exclusions.”

SpyOFF VPN is still a comparatively new participant in the VPN sector, but it has quickly created a name for itself. Whether you’re looking for content unblocking or entirely private Internet browsing, this VPN can help – provided you can look beyond a few drawbacks. It has a large network of over 1,000 servers spread across 40 countries, for instance. It offers a lot of features and its reputation as a “new face” has helped it to stay off VPN blacklists while providing excellent privacy, security, and accessibility. Even better, it can unblock Netflix, a streaming service that didn’t become chummy with a lot of VPN services.

SpyOff’s main promise is that it will not trace your browsing history, and the company says that its service is the best for this because it has no device or bandwidth limits. Having no bandwidth limits is just nothing new and so many services offer this, but unlimited devices are a remarkable feature. That’s a wonderful choice if you have more than five devices—the most typical VPN restriction.

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SpyOFF VPN Features and services

When you initially use SpyOff, you will see a single-panel interface with an On/Off button in the middle. Below the main button is a Choose Location button, which takes you to a screen with 40 country location possibilities. SpyOff doesn’t give a favourites option for convenient access to your preferred location option. However, there is a Recent Locations tab where you can select servers you’ve previously visited. Other features include:

•No logs.

•Three simultaneous connections – that is not the end of the line. For instance, VPN Unlimited offers 5 devices for $2.99 per month and 10 devices for $5.99 per year in addition to the chosen plan.

•Over 21,000 IP addresses in 21 countries.

•Killswitch – for those who don’t know what this is, here is a brief explanation. So Killswitch is a feature that helps to keep your data completely secured even when a connection is interrupted. The technology will avert unprotected access to the Internet and block users’ networks from being exposed to unprotected web traffic.

•Apps for all platforms.

•Choice of encryption including OpenVPN.

•Solid Execution (unblocks Netflix US).

Performance and speed

SpyOff is an interesting experience in terms of speed and performance. The results were obtained using a 30 Mbps internet connection. The VPN caused connection speeds to fall by two-thirds, with the UK and French servers both averaging a shade under 10 Mbps. US servers also experienced a similar reduction to roughly 9 Mbps. While these speeds are enough for streaming, they are not spectacular and will most likely cause problems with gaming and high-definition video.

In terms of performance, it was normally around 32% of the base speed. That’s fairly decent performance, and that should be sufficient for most everyday tasks.

Works with Netflix

Netflix had installed one of the most sophisticated VPN filtering systems in the world to prevent VPN users. However, a lot of VPNs have managed to get over its blocking efforts.

SpyOFF VPN is compatible with the streaming giant without any restrictions. This places the service in the company of some strong heavyweights who have also managed to bypass Netflix’s prohibition.

SpyOFF VPN Price

SpyOff VPN has three subscription plans that differ only in price. A one-month subscription to the “Starter” program costs $11.50. If you pay annually, the price reduces to $8.10 each month. Each package includes access to all available servers. Alternatively, you may pay $12.50 for the Premium Plus plan, which is similarly invoiced once a year and includes Premium Support and “VPN tricks” (does not seem worth the extra money).

Subscribers can just pay for SpyOff with a major credit card. Bitcoin and PayPal are not permitted. Finally, despite promising a 30-day money-back guarantee, several users have complained that the VPN refuses to honour its refund policy, instead referring customers to the fine print.

SpyOFF VPN Privacy and security

SpyOFF VPN has a zero logs policy as it was mentioned. This implies it has no data to hand over to authorities if they approach it with a warrant. It guarantees not to track your surfing activities, bandwidth usage, or IP address and DNS requests. It does, however, keep track of a variety of things, such as successful installation and activation attempts, VPN connection failures, total data running through infrastructure, speed test data, crash reports, and server load. Furthermore, it contains a kill switch for the occasional connection drop, so there’s no need to be concerned about accidental data breaches.

SpyOFF VPN Final thoughts

“SpyOFF is an interesting VPN that thrives in some key areas, including performance and ease of use, but it also has many problems and issues to fully recommend.”

Considering the price of the VPN, it’s difficult not to be critical. The speeds were acceptable but not fast. And, as it was proven to effectively unblock Netflix, it would most probably be too slow to view HD streams.

The server count is also decent, however, it needs to improve its server speed. The pricing, on the other hand, needs to be revised as well. Overall, this young VPN appears to have potential. However, it is seriously overpriced for what you get. Perhaps, over time, the VPN will understand why it is important to be transparent about its encryption, which would certainly improve this review.

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