What is Pupa VPN? Pupa VPN Review

What is Pupa VPN? Pupa VPN Review

Among the plethora of VPN options available, Pupa VPN is a popular name when it comes to VPNs that can be installed on Android and iOS devices. The service offers users anonymity, delivers fast-browsing speed, and is completely free to use. 

Online networking has brought ease to our lives, but it has also put our privacy and personal security at stake. This is why 31% of internet users rely on VPN services to mask their location and keep things private. A reliable VPN service loads content faster, protects the user’s IP address, and allows users to access geo-restricted content without revealing their identity. 

But is Pupa VPN worth a try? Grasp everything you intend to learn with this review before reaching a decision.

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The Crux Of The Matter

Before we start our Pupa VPN review, let’s get to know the product up close and personal. The app was designed to help users remain anonymous while surfing through the web. Users don’t require any registration to use the service and it is completely free of charge.

Looking ahead, we will say that Pupa VPN creates a stable and fast internet connection without compromising users personal information. It provides unlimited VPN proxy, protects their IP address, and gives them high accessibility to any online site or app while also ensuring a safe and secure online connection. In simple words, Pupa VPN works as an online protection gatekeeper and lets users cross geo-limitations without revealing their identity. 

How Does Pupa VPN Mask User Identity?

A Pupa VPN review cannot be completed without answering the question. The app works on a simple algorithm to provide users with a strong connection and keep their identity and geographical location a secret. The service directs a user’s mobile traffic to their private server rather than using their IP address. Doing so creates an intermediary tunnel between the actual user and the website they are trying to access. The data is then transmitted through a VPN server protecting users from cyber threats and hackers. 

The next stop in our Pupa VPN review is its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s deal with the major ones.


• Easy to use (simple design and intuitive navigation have proved to be the critical factors while choosing an app).

• Requires no configuration to get started.

• Free to download (although using free VPNs stir a great controversy, there are still those who are not ready to pay for the technology).

• Quick Customer support (none of you are ready to wait forever for a support team to help you run an app).


• The free version involves annoying ads.

• You need to upgrade to premium to use the full features of the app.

• Not available for Windows or Mac PCs.

What is it is necessary to pay attention for

This might be the most crucial part of our Pupa VPN review. The service is a pretty basic and straightforward one available for Android users. Besides successfully masking your IP address and initiating a quick internet connection, you can enjoy the following features while using Pupa VPN proxy:

Secure Data Connection 

The primary aim of using a VPN is to hide your identity, guard your privacy and bypass any restriction that may limit you from browsing. During our analysis for the Pupa VPN review, we found this proxy app successfully evading government censorship and geo-restrictions to access most applications and websites.

One Tap Connection

We found that it does not require any complex setting up requirements. With a single click, you can bypass the blocked accounts, streaming websites, and web pages. 

• Surf The Public Wi-Fi Safely

Finding free Wi-Fi sounds convenient, but the data traveling through it is unprotected, making you vulnerable to hackers. Pupa VPN will effectively shield your Wi-Fi hotspot by properly encrypting data and securing a connection using HTTPs on public Wi-Fi connections. 

Fast Connection Speed

The high rating of the VPN service comes mainly due to its super-fast speed. This is because Pupa VPN utilities multiple servers to detect your location and quickly connect you with the nearest server. This makes the app fast without slowing down the speed of your device.

Supports OpenVPN Protocols

Mobile users prefer the service because it encrypts data using Open VPN Protocols, both TCP and UDP. Given this, you can even have excess streaming platforms unavailable in your zone and play high-profile/ games not found in your region.

Not to forget, it also works smoothly with all mobile carriers, including Wi-Fi, LTE, or 3G. 

Does Pupa VPN Track Your Location?

It is the most frequently asked question among VPN users. As Pupa VPN claims to be a 100% secure proxy provider, it has a principle of no-logging and no-tracking policy. This means they neither collect the data or information transmitted through the channel nor do they try to track your location. Your identity and location are sure to remain a secret.

Pricing Plans

When we choose a VPN provider, we look for a product that offers fantastic access, quick browsing speed, and flexibility. Speaking of Pupa VPN, you get to enjoy free exposure to content outside your location. However, the free version of the app comes with ads and allows you to use limited servers. But minor setbacks can be resolved by signing in to a premium version of the proxy. The pricing plans vary according to users’ location, starting from $2.99 to $45.99. With the paid version, you get immense speed, no ads, and zero buffering. Considering the benefits you can earn with a premium version of the app, the small price looks quite negligible.

Final Thoughts

Concluding the Pupa VPN review, we can say that Pupa VPN is really fast. This is undoubtedly a plus point of the app, along with successfully disguising user identity and giving them a secure digital pathway to the online world. For an average user, being able to manage all these activities is all that matters, making the app a remarkable one on the whole.

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