Webroot VPN Review- Everything You Need to Know About

Webroot VPN Review- Everything You Need to Know About

Across the globe, people use VPNs to hide their identities and enjoy the features they are not eligible for. That’s the main reason why 31% of internet users opt for reliable VPN services to enjoy equal benefits as they were doing before.

However, it is often an issue which is the most reliable one? As everyone out there claims to be the best ones. How can you trust one of numerous options out there?

We have got you a solution,

Among all, WebRoot VPN can be your ideal pick. We have structured this guide for you to explain how this VPN is the right choice. By the end, you will get to know what its qualities are? And how is it different from others?

Let’s get started.

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What is WebRoot VPN?

Starting from the primary analysis of the WebRoot VPN, what it is all about, and how it functions to get you the exemplary service. Primarily, WebRoot deals with providing VPN service for home users, helping to secure their identities on public platforms without affecting their connection’s speed.

Consequently, it protects your personal information on various public websites. It hides your data, including photos, videos, social media account information, etc., from hackers and prohibits the appearance of targeted ads on your devices.

How WebRoot VPN is the Suitable Pick for You?

Technically, the WebRoot VPN server transfers the traffic from the site to their server and then transfers it to the user end to make sure the user’s actual identity is kept confidential. 

Apart from the essential benefits mentioned above, several pros and cons of using the WebRoot VPN need to be discussed before choosing them as your VPN partner. Let us look into them:


  • Secure and stable connection at both ends.
  • Easy to install and activate on various devices like laptops and smartphones.
  • Safe to use by the entire family online.
  • Secures the devices from automatic connection to unauthorized wifis and network connections.
  • It doesn’t impact the existing internet speed and provides the same and efficient browsing results.
  • Hides your IP address and your exact location from the servers.
  • Excellent customer care support anytime.
  • User-friendly.


  • No torrent support
  • Difficult pricing schemes, no monthly or weekly plans
  • No-third party audits

Does WebRoot VPN Provide Effective User Security?

Switching the VPN means you want to protect yourself from spy threats and protect your IP from bad guys; however, you can be a potential target to your VPN company. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that the VPN company protects and secures your privacy as you assume they should.

To that end, WebRoot VPN has a very detailed and strict privacy policy to make sure its consumers feel secure and protected while using their services. Moreover, the company’s policy categorically mentions that they won’t access your browsing history or log your IP address or data information.

In case of app crashes, some DNS information is sent to the WebRoot server for troubleshooting purposes, a usual criterion by every VPN service provider. Moreover, the policy also states that the company doesn’t have the right to sell or expose your details.

Pricing Plans

The security VPN plans offered by the companies revolve around the varying length subscription plans with affordable packages. However, this is not the case with WebRoot VPN services. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer monthly or weekly plans to check and analyze their services.

Instead, they offer one-year or two-year subscription plans to their customers. A $39.99 plan allows the connection of 3 devices simultaneously, and with the subscription of $59.99, 5 devices can be connected to it.

Furthermore, if you want to enhance your WebRoot VPN experience, you can opt for the WebRoot Security Plus plan at $84.98 which can be accessible for three devices and the antivirus and VPN.

What are the Necessary Factors to Pay Attention to?

Most importantly, there are certain factors to look for while reviewing the WebRoot VPN service. Since they are providing the maximum masking to your IP addresses, they are effectively providing the following benefits to their users:

  • Speed & Performance

Generally, using the VPN service saturates the servers, and users don’t enjoy their regular browsing speeds. WebRoot wi-fi has an efficiency of about 84.3% latency with a median of about 69.6%. Moreover, the download speed was reduced by 69% which is also not that good. However, the speed may vary depending on where you live and when you use VPN.

  • Server Locations

WebRoot VPN provides servers in 35 countries and has express VPN servers in 94 countries. Overall, this has been a smart and impressive distribution of servers to provide competitive services than competitors. Mainly, the WebRoot covers North America and Europe and some parts of South America and Africa.

  • Wi-fi VPN Security on Other Platforms

WebRoot offers apps for almost all of the brands but doesn’t support the connection of the router to a VPN which ensures the safety of the entire network. However, most of the VPN service providers offer instructions on how to do this but WebRoot doesn’t.

  • VPN Protocols

Unlike other VPNs, Webroot wi-fi security does not favor OpenVPN while it does support less secure and older PPTP and L2TP/IPsec protocols on Mac PCs and Desktops. 

Furthermore, WebRoot also discourages the use of WireGuard. Though it is not currently very popular but might be a problem in the future.

  • Apart from VPN

Apart from the VPN services, WebRoot being one of the top security companies, offers various security tools to offer authentic antivirus protection that is unmatchable from other VPN services worldwide.

Final Thoughts

On the concluding note, WebRoot VPN brings on enough capabilities on the table to contribute to an adequate service. The company is doing a fine job covering a wide range of servers worldwide. Though it provides limited connections at a time, there are no reported frills in the app. 

Although WebRoot VPN is an immensely crowded and busy app but still considered a fast and efficient service, it can provide users with a sense of security and protection. 

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Still in search of an excellent VPN? You are lucky! Try out this one for absolutely free!

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