Speedify VPN Review – everything you need to know

Speedify VPN Review – everything you need to know

Tracking and spying of people’s internet activities have become so popular in recent years. If you want to use the internet without being tracked or spied on by the government, your ISP, or hackers, using a reliable VPN is the way to go. VPNs hide your IP address, making it almost impossible for anyone to track or profile your online activities.  

You can also use a VPN to alter or hide your location, which is a very handy feature for people who want to access content and applications that are region-restricted. Speedify is one of the VPNs out there that you can choose from if you want to browse the internet safely or hide your location. But is Speedify VPN worth it? You will find out by the end of this review. 

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About Speedify VPN

Speedify VPN is a product of Connectify Inc – a brand that is focused on creating networking-related apps. This VPN has apps supported on all the major desktop and mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Their apps have an easy-to-use UI that makes them easy to use for even first-time VPN users. The on and off of the VPN toggle can also be integrated into your network settings on operating systems that support this feature. 

How does Speedify VPN work?

Speedify VPN follows the same principle used by the rest of the VPNs. It hides your IP address to make it impossible for anyone with access to your network to profile you or track your browsing activities. It does this by routing your internet connection through one of its secure private servers instead of using your ISP’s servers. 

Speedify has over 50 servers distributed in different parts of the world, including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. Users are given the option to choose which server they want their connection to be routed to. So, if you want to access region-restricted content or apps, you can switch to a server in the non-restricted regions. 

You may also let Speedify choose for you the fastest server to get a quicker connection while using this VPN. Most of the time, you will be connected to a server close to your location as long it doesn’t have a lot of traffic at that point in time. 

Pros and cons of Speedify VPN


  • It has many servers distributed in different regions. Speedify VPN has more than 50 servers, which helps enhance connection speed because each server handles a significantly small number of people. 
  • It is relatively cheap: Their most generous package costs just $4.99 per month, which is way below the average cost for most VPNs.
  • Supports multiple devices: After subscribing, users can use their VPNs on up to 5 devices at a time. 
  • It has multiple plans to choose from: You choose from up to 8 different pricing depending on the number of people that will likely use the subscription. Each of these plans comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • It has a free version: Speedify has a free version that gives you access to over 10GB of data per month.


  • It doesn’t have a browser extension: This VPN can only be used by downloading an app on your mobile device or full-size computer. That means users with devices running unsupported operating systems like ChromeOS do not have the option of using this VPN. 
  • It sometimes disconnects automatically: This doesn’t happen so frequently, but it can be annoying whenever it does. It probably happens when the server you are connected to is overwhelmed by traffic. So, you can try to connect to another server to fix this issue. 
  • The free version has very limited features: One of the annoying bits about the free version of this VPN is it doesn’t allow you to connect to a server of your choice. So, most of the time, you will be automatically connected to slow servers. 

What is necessary to pay attention to 

  1. Privacy and security 

Speedify encrypts all your data, which means no one on your network, including the government or your ISP, will be able to know about your browsing activities. Speedify also doesn’t keep your data logs, which means they also don’t have a profile of your browsing activities. 

  1. Speed

Speedify uses channel bonding technology to enhance your internet connection speeds. It will dynamically spread individual packets amongst your available internet connections to make the connection faster. 

  1. Wide range of servers 

Speedify servers are available in up to 50 cities in over 35 countries across the world. So, you can either automatically connect to the fastest or choose one manually. 

  1. Streaming mode 

Speedify has the streaming mode feature, which enhances your connection stability and speeds whenever you are streaming content on YouTube, Netflix, and any other streaming platform. 

  1. Real-time and historical statistics

Speedify will give all your internet usages statistics, including your maximum download and upload speeds, total encrypted data, blocked malware, etc. 

  1. Multiple TCP and the Speedify protocol

Speedify VPN uses up to 8 TCP for connections between your devices and their servers. This makes the exchange of data between your device and Speedify servers much faster. 

  1. Bank-grade encryption

When this VPN is enabled, all your traffic is bundled and passed through an encrypted VPN tunnel to make it invisible for any third parties with privileged access to the network you are using. For newer devices, Speedify uses AES128-GCM encryption, which takes advantage of the hardware instruction support for AES built within modern CPUs. 


As we have earlier shared, Speedify has up to 8 pricing packages that fall under three categories. Let me share the packages for each category; 


  • 3-year plan at $4.99 per month ($179.99 total) 
  • 1-year plan at $7.49 per month ($89.99 total) 
  • 1-month plan at $14.99 per month

Families (up to 4 members)

  • 3-year plan at $7.5 per month ($270 total)
  • 1-year plan at 11.25 per month ($135 per month) 
  • 1-month plan at $22.5 per month 


  • 1-year plan at $7.49 per user/month ($89.99 total) 
  • 1-month plan at $14.99 per user/month 

Final thoughts 

All in all, Speedify is a reliable VPN that you can use more so for people who want to have a wide range of server options to choose from. It is also one of the few VPNs that don’t keep your data logs, which makes you pretty sure that they won’t be selling your data to advertisers. 

However, their pricing is not so friendly for those who want to try out their monthly packages. If you want the best value, go for the 1-year or 3-year packages. 

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