Hot VPN Pro: a review

Hot VPN Pro: a review

Hot VPN Pro is somewhat of a mystery as very little is known about its developer and business model. Instead of applying labels right from the start, let the facts speak for themselves.

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HotVPN and Hot VPN Pro: no relation

First of all, a distinction should be made to avoid confusion. Hot VPN Pro can be easily mixed up with an unrelated Virtual Private Network project with a similar name — HotVPN. While Hot VPN Pro is an Android-only application with no related services for other platforms, HotVPN is a cross-platform program that works on a multitude of operating systems — except for Android.

HotVPN is registered in Belize and has an official website. The developer of Hot VPN Pro is called; its address is in Harare, Zimbabwe; the company’s alleged website doesn’t contain any information except for a few spam messages.

Any review on HotVPN that you might find on the Internet has nothing to do with Hot VPN Pro and vice versa. and its software

As a brief inspection on Google Play reveals, has developed as many as eight applications, seven of which are Virtual Private Network programs. Two of them — Hot VPN 2020 and Super Hot VPN — are offered for free, one — My Pro VPN — costs less than a dollar, three — Phub VPN Pro, Hot VPN Pro, and Super VIP VPN Pro — cost below six dollars each. The final application — Dot VPN Pro — is priced at nearly eleven dollars and thus looks really expensive if compared to its sister programs. What’s more, on platforms other than Google Play it is possible to buy the Hot VPN Pro apk file (as well as apk files of its sister VPNs) for an even lesser amount.  It is presumed that users pay for a ‘lifetime plan’, i.e. having paid once you can use the application for as long as you like.

The developer’s pricing policy is not something cast in stone. In more than one user review there is a mention that Hot VPN Pro was downloaded (either from Google Play or as an apk) for free. It looks like the developer began to charge money for this program only around summer 2020. What’s more, some users noted that the title of the application window used to say ‘KIWI VPN’ despite a radically different official name.

It seems almost certain that all these numerous VPNs share the same programming and use the same servers. The main difference between them is that totally free VPNs are pitched at users with very little available funds (thus Hot VPN 2020 is subtitled “school Virtual Private Network”), while paid ones are meant for somewhat more affluent buyers.

Hot VPN Pro Functionality and reliability

Theoretically, after having installed Hot VPN Pro from Google Play or using the apk file, you get a limited choice of eight virtual locations (including Germany, France and the United States), no ads, and a high-speed connection. In practice, users who review the application say that it’s often impossible to connect to the server, and once the connection is established, it gets broken soon. The speed is not high: it is enough to unblock websites with text content, but not nearly enough for streaming services. And there is more than one review where users say that the application failed to hide their IPs.

Free and low-cost VPNs: a business model

Any Virtual Private Network service has a (nearly fixed) amount of overhead costs as well as variable costs that depend on the number of servers the company uses. Thus, it is simply impossible for any serious Virtual Private Network provider to offer their services for free or to set their prices at a ridiculously low level: any attempt to do so will soon end in going out of business. So-called “free” and “low-cost” providers either rely on advertising (which is fair) or silently gather their users’ personal information and sell it to third parties (which is not fair at all). People who use such services should realize that their privacy is compromised.

VPN Unlimited: a brief review of a viable alternative to “low-cost” VPNs

There is no need to put your confidentiality at risk, download apk files from suspicious websites, and put up with an unreliable and slow connection “low-cost” VPNs are infamous for. What’s more, you don’t have to pay for a Virtual Private Network software and use it on a single Android device. VPN Unlimited offers a considerably safer and much more convenient alternative.

VPN Unlimited is a well-known Virtual Private Network service based in New York with as many as 500 servers placed in more than 80 locations all over the world. The company follows a strict no-logging policy: none of your online activities are monitored, stored, or logged; your IP address is never logged or stored; your full name (and such sensitive data as your telephone number) is never requested.

A single subscription allows you to install the application on as many as 5 devices: for instance, your Android phone, iPad with iOS, desktop computer with Windows, IPTV box with Linux, and MacBook with macOS. The program supports all types of operating systems. Any Android user can either install VPN Unlimited from Google Play or download the apk file from the developer’s website.

A monthly subscription to VPN Unlimited only costs USD9.99; this amount can be considerably reduced if you decide on an annual subscription that is priced at USD59.99. While you pay only slightly more than for a “low-cost” Virtual Private Network application, the level of security and quality of services you get are immeasurably higher.

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Still in search of an excellent VPN? You are lucky! Try out this one for absolutely free!

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