Bitmask VPN Review: Everything you need to know

Bitmask VPN Review: Everything you need to know

The wide range of applications of the internet has made our lives very productive and efficient. While  we can do most of the stuff from the palm of our hand with the help of our smart computing devices,  there are some issues with this latest technology. 

The major issue here is that users do not even know that their online security and personal data are  always at stake. It is the root cause of several hacking and scamming attempts, out of which most are  successful. Something secure is needed to deal with the situation, and a VPN is the best choice to keep  things private. 

A VPN comes with a long list of features and benefits, but at the same time, you must always go for a  reliable option. Speaking of reliable VPN choices, one of the best options anyone from around the world  can go for is Bitmask VPN. You might be thinking of it bringing some value with its generalized features.  However, Bitmask VPN has got a lot more than that. 

So, if you are also confused about making your decision about selecting a VPN, then you need to check  this Bitmask VPN review out before finalizing your decision. 

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The root of the matter: 

Before we jump right into the review, you must know the main reason why we are here. Like every  other VPN, Bitmask VPN also seems to bring some private browsing options for the users and little other  features. 

However, it is something more than just accessing blocked sites. Instead of providing only the basics for  the user experience, Bitmask VPN emphasizes providing the top-notch services in the league. So,  whether you need to access any blocked website or you are looking to prevent your online presence  from getting tracked, Bitmask VPN can be your best choice, and here is how. 

How does Bitmask VPN provide the necessary user security and identity  masking for every user? 

To ensure that the users using Bitmask VPN have no issues regarding their online and geographical  privacy, Bitmask VPN uses Network Security, the highest type of security. It involves the following things: 

• Your internet traffic is protected against behavioral tracking algorithms 

• Account hijacking is protected 

• Censorship 

• Prevents useless ads 

In this way, nobody you do not want to can know anything or have any of your data. It keeps you as a  user safe from viruses, and all of your usages are encrypted as well. To make things clearer about how  Bitmask VPN provides amazing services, we will further add some Pros and Cons to this review so that  you know all.


• It is very easy to use as you can download the application according to your devices’ operating  system, and there is no need to configure anything. 

• It is available for a wide variety of platforms. 

• Bitmask VPN is free to download for any of your devices, and you can download it from the  official website. 

• If you are stuck with any issues regarding using the VPN, the documentation is excellently made  to help you out. 

• Customer support is always available for your assistance if you need some help. 


• The customer support provided here is not the best in the league 

• There are some limits for some websites like Netflix 

• To stay up to date with every security patch, you need to update your application regularly 

What is it is necessary to pay attention to? 

The most important part of making the final decision is highly affected by the software’s features and  services. When it comes to a VPN, this is something that matters the most. So, it is also a crucial part of  our Bitmask VPN review. While you may be thinking of it as a simple app that allows you to browse  blocked sites, the following are some of the best features that Bitmask VPN provides. 

• Anonymous usage 

When you use Bitmask VPN, you can enjoy completely anonymous usage. It works with the LEAP  providers as there you can enable VPN usage using the anonymous certificate for verification. It means  that you will never need a password to bring anonymous browsing on. 

• Firewall to prevent data leakage 

Bitmask VPN comes with some extra firewall features integrated into its Linux and macOS applications.  It provides complete protection against data leakage. This feature is soon coming to the Windows  version too. 

• Always stay up to date with the latest security patches 

Bitmask VPN ensures to provide the latest security and privacy features to keep you safe from hackers  and viruses. Anytime a new algorithm is developed, you will get the update which you need to install  manually. After installation, your online presence will be safe as ever. 

• Pluggable Transports 

With this feature, the Android users of Bitmask VPN can easily circumvent any kind of VPN blocking for a  safer browsing experience. 

Pricing of Bitmask VPN: 

Pricing is another thing that affects the final buying decision for a lot of users. When we talk about  Bitmask VPN, the most amazing thing here is that it is Free. It means that you can enjoy all of the  amazing features and benefits like quick, anonymous, safe, and flexible browsing. All of this while not  needing to pay a single penny.

Is any of your information compromised with Bitmask VPN? 

Reliability is what people usually look for, as there could be a case where the VPN seems like it is  working, but it does not provide you the safety you need. With Bitmask VPN, you get the best reliability  and peace of mind for using its services. 

There are several ways by which it is done. For example, your IP address is hidden. Your physical location  is hidden. DNS and IPv6 leakage are protected, and any of this information is not shared with anyone  here. Not even your username and password are shared with anyone. 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude this Bitmask VPN, we can say that it is a pretty reliable VPN option. Besides being a reliable  choice, it is pretty fast as well as feature right. All of these things make it undoubtedly the best VPN  option anyone can look for. So, if you are also looking for some good VPN option that brings value along  with being budget-friendly, then Bitmask VPN is your best choice for all of your devices.

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Still in search of an excellent VPN? You are lucky! Try out this one for absolutely free!

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