Armada VPN Review – Unlimited and Free

Armada VPN Review – Unlimited and Free

Armada VPN is a relatively new service on the VPN market. It launched in September 2019 and has already racked up over five million downloads, making it one of the most popular VPNs. 

This VPN is only found on the Play Store and Windows Store. So avid iOS fans should keep searching to find a more suitable option. For those who are not ready to pay money for using a VPN, this one will be a godsend, as it’s completely free and has no monetary or subscription feature built-in. If this is not a principled position and you still haven’t decided to buy a service or use it without paying a penny, read the article that will help you to make the right choice.

When having a rough idea of the service, let’s keep moving on and delve into the details, described in this Armada VPN review.

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The Broad Strokes of a VPN

If you have not used a VPN before, then here is a quick overview of what they represent and why the technology has been gaining ground rapidly.

Normally, when you connect to the internet and visit a website, your data becomes visible. Websites can detect where you’re coming from. So that’s when you turn a VPN on, your IP address changes, and all the data traffic on your gadget gets encrypted. What does hiding real IP mean and why would anybody do that? All to protect online privacy and avoid website bans. When websites try to detect the user’s location, they will actually get the VPN’s location instead. This way, it is possible to bypass geo-blocking and region restrictions.

Apart from that, changing an IP address entails different content on streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, etc. For instance, if you happen to live in the UK, you’ll be able to watch only the shows and movies available in this region. But streaming with a VPN gives greater opportunities to watch content from the libraries you want. 

The main advantages of Armada VPN

Armada VPN is equipped with one of the most reliable VPN proxy to bypass geo-restrictions, censorships and prevent users from surveillance. Right after you connect to the Armada VPN, your flow of data within the Internet will be encrypted. By means of the technology, all the malicious sites will be detected and blocked, and cybercriminals will have no chance to monitor your online activity. In addition to this, your IP address will be replaced and everyone who tries to disclose your location will see the location of the VPN server you choose.  

Armada VPN also has a smart proxy that is a feature commonly inherent in premium VPNs. When this feature is activated, only specific apps will connect through the VPN. Other apps will not. The smart proxy can be configured on a per-app basis. This is extremely useful if you want to, for example, watch YouTube or Netflix through the VPN, but scroll through Facebook or Twitter without. It avoids the hassle of turning it on and off repeatedly.

A lot of you would rejoice the fact Armada VPN is completely free to use. Typical VPNs these days have a harsh connection and bandwidth limits. Premium ones, at best, offer from 500 MB to 1 GB of data monthly for free. To give you a sense of scale: that is enough for only 2-3 episodes of a Netflix show. However, Armada VPN offers unlimited bandwidth, which is an insanely good deal considering the $0 price tag. 

Armada VPN disadvantages

Of course, there is a catch to the Armada VPN provider. First of all, Connect Anywhere (app’s developer) has to make some money in order to keep the servers functioning. All of this comes in the form of Ad revenue. Armada displays ads on launching the app and when connecting to the VPN servers. It’s very common among free versions of VPNs to show ads every time users connect to their servers. However, those bothered by this, can purchase a subscription and forget about annoying ads. Yet Armada VPN users should accept this option won’t be available for them.

Another issue that has been frequently reported is that the VPN disconnects randomly. There are different reasons for this:

  1. Slow internet connection;
  2. A VPN server is down for maintenance;
  3. An outdated version of VPN app;
  4. A VPN is being blocked by firewall;
  5. Incompatibility of a VPN with other software.

How to use Armada VPN

Armada VPN is very simple and intuitive to use. Even novice VPN users should have no trouble making full use of its features. After downloading it from the Play Store, it will ask for some permissions to connect. Grant those permissions.

The connect button will set up the VPN connection with no fuss. The Globe on the top right brings up the server selection menu. The range of servers available is also fairly good. Most free VPNs only offer one or two locations, or do not allow users to select servers on their own at all. Armada VPN does neither and allows all users to connect to all servers. At the moment, the app only has servers in 8 locations: 

– Canada;

– Germany;

– India;

– Japan;

– Singapore;

– UK;

– US East and US West.

If you are unsure of which server would be best, simply leave it on ‘Auto Select’ to get the nearest and fastest one. 


The market for free VPNs is a fairly narrow one. It’s quite difficult for VPN providers to offer a lot of bandwidth for free, especially to a variety of different servers worldwide and at high speeds. The market is saturated with slow, limited free VPNs and expensive premium ones. However, it seems Connect Anywhere has pulled off something seemingly impossible with Armada. This is a high-speed VPN with a good range of servers and basic features like a smart proxy. It does have some downsides such as being very ad-heavy and occasional disconnects, but you get to decide whether you’re willing to handle this.

Try VPN Unlimited

Still in search of an excellent VPN? You are lucky! Try out this one for absolutely free!

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