A Worldwide Blazing Fast VPN – ZoogVPN

A Worldwide Blazing Fast VPN – ZoogVPN

When it comes to VPN software, comparing pricing and a set of features is insufficient. Few people would willingly give up speed in exchange for a significant lag or buffering. So, if you binge-watch Netflix, listen to music, play online games, or surf the web, high speed is always a crucial factor to consider when choosing a secure online VPN service.

To be honest, all VPNs slow down your internet speed to some degree, albeit some do so more than others. It’s unavoidable, and the reason for this is the peculiarities of how a VPN service operates. A VPN adds a layer of security between your device and the websites you access. It encrypts your internet traffic with a safe encryption technique and routes it through a distant VPN server, from which it is forwarded to its intended destination on the internet. This encrypted tunnel slows you down a little, but you receive complete privacy, sensitive data security, and unlimited access to material as a consequence. However, the speed decrease may deter many internet users from utilizing a VPN at all.

However, you don’t have to compromise between your privacy, security, or internet speed! A fast VPN, such as ZoogVPN can eliminate most of the lag. It provides the most rapid rates and produces minimum speed loss, which you won’t notice, so you may continue to enjoy a speedy internet experience.

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Number of VPN Servers

The fewer the servers, the busier they get. And the more active a server is, the slower it can serve its consumers. As a result, you should always select a VPN provider that has an extensive network of servers.

The distance between you and a VPN server is also significant. For example, if you’re in Spain and connect to a server in Australia, your data will travel long. The faster the server is, the closer it is to your physical location. Unless you have a unique need for a server in a particular region, such as unblock material only available in that nation, it’s best to use a VPN server in the same or adjacent country. ZoogVPN offers dedicated bare-metal VPN servers with thousands of IP addresses in 26 countries, making it a solid choice for you in terms of server count.

VPN protocol

The amount of encryption is determined by the VPN protocol. Specific protocols are regarded as very secure, but they take longer for your data to move back and forth. Other solutions offer a little less protection but still adequate security, which increases internet speed. As a result, the best fast VPN should support a variety of VPN protocols, and ZoogVPN supports protocols, including IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN TCP/UDP with the strongest 256-bit encryption.

ZoogVPN Features relaxes your mind about security

Wi-Fi Security

No one can find out who you are, where you are, or what your IP address is if you use ZoogVPN. You become anonymous on the internet, avoiding hackers, ISPs, identity thieves, and other undesirable actors, particularly while utilizing public Wi-Fi hotspots. ZoogVPN has a 256-bit key length with 14 hashes, making a dictionary attack take a long time to complete. There are currently no reported incidents of someone accessing AES-256 encrypted material that has been adequately implemented.

Anonymous IP Addresses

When you connect to the ZoogVPN network, your actual IP is hidden behind an anonymous one. Many other people utilize the new IP, resulting in a pool of anonymous activity. As a result, it isn’t easy to trace any of your actions back to you.

ZoogVPN Zero Logs

Actions may be traced back to you via logs. ZoogVPN does not maintain records and has a Warrant Canary that is fully transparent. Furthermore, on each server, ZoogVPN maintains its own DNS service.

ZoogVPN Kill Switch

On their desktop programs, ZoogVPN has developed a built-in Kill Switch function that protects you in the event of any unexpected VPN connection failures.



·         20 Netflix libraries & others

With ZoogVPN, you may access Netflix libraries worldwide, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and other nations. In addition, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, RTE Player, ITV Hub, and various other streaming services are also available.

·         Torrent friendly

On dozens of torrent-friendly, fast, and limitless VPN servers tagged as ‘P2P’, ZoogVPN allows you to download torrents with confidence and peace of mind. There’s no need to be concerned about DMCA notices or speed limiting anymore.

·         Custom apps

ZoogVPN, unlike many other VPN providers, developed its VPN applications and tweaked existing hardware and software to produce the most exemplary and most dependable VPN service. This entails the highest levels of performance, security, and privacy.

·         One VPN for all your devices

You can use your ZoogVPN account on all devices, including your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, FireTV, and Android TV. ZoogVPN also works with Apple TV, a variety of VPN routers, Linux, Chromebooks, and other devices.


·         The free version has access to just 3 VPN locations

·         You can use the free version of ZoogVPN on just one device

·         The free version has limited p2p, limited features, and only 10 GB of bandwidth

ZoogVPN Pricing

You can sign up and start using ZoogVPN for free with some limitations. But to access all the features and have a fast and secure VPN that you can trust, you should subscribe to one of ZoogVPN’s plans. The price for a monthly subscription is 9.99$, and if you subscribe for a yearly plan, you can give more than 70 percent off (just for 2.99$ monthly). Also, two years plan will let you have more than 80 percent off, and you can have your VPN with unlimited access for just 1.87$ per month.

ZoogVPN Final Thoughts

In conclusion, ZoogVPN is a comprehensive, all-in-one reliable VPN service that gives you unfettered Internet access from anywhere in the globe. It also uses a highly secured VPN tunnel to protect your sensitive personal and financial information when you’re online. So, when you use ZoogVPN, you can be confident of your online privacy and security.

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Still in search of an excellent VPN? You are lucky! Try out this one for absolutely free!

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