What is UVPN? UVPN Review

What is UVPN? UVPN Review

The quest to maintain some degree of anonymity online is what led to the growing

popularity of VPNs. In this article, we will be reviewing one of such companies that are running the race of providing as many features to ensure that users can surf the internet safely and anonymously. We are focusing our gaze on the uVPN and what it has to offer its users.

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What is uVPN?

Let’s start with the most basic information. What is the uVPN? The uVPN is a VPN service provider that offers its users secure, unrestricted, and anonymous unlimited VPN services. The brand is trusted by millions of users all over the world. Users have the opportunity to access blocked websites, internet services, and online content. Using this software, you can hide your exact IP address and bypass any geo-restrictions. With this, users get to surf the internet safely and free of restrictions.

How good is uVPN?

The next logical question is if this VPN is worth the hype. Well, 1.6 million users of the uVPN Сhrome extension seem to think so. Millions of users rated this VPN a solid 4.5. This service is rated so highly because users get the chance to access restricted content and games. You can also use this VPN for online streaming YouTube, Netflix, and various other streaming platforms.

Is uVPN secure?

Most people who seek out VPN applications do so to increase their cyber security while they surf the internet. So what good is a VPN to them if it is not safe? On that note, the uVPN is the VPN of choice if you are preoccupied with being safe online. uVPN provides a no-log policy regardless of what you are doing online. When browsing with public wifi, your information will be secure, and you can rest assured that your data will be far away from prying eyes.

Is uVPN free?

If you would like to browse online while maintaining your anonymity for free, then this is the VPN for you. Users can benefit from a free Google Chrome extension. The free version also allows the installation of extensions for other browsers, including desktop and mobile ones.

Are the free features sufficient? Well, unfortunately not. The free version only offers a small fraction of all the uVPN services and limited features for browsing. For you to explore all its other benefits and the vast internet without any fear, then you would need to get the paid version that gives you all the features you need to access restricted sites and stream content online.


Let’s talk about money! What would it cost you to access all the features of the uVPN? As mentioned above, you can use the free version, but there’s not so much you can do. The paid version unlocks all of its unique features at a very economical and budgetary cost. By signing up for a long-term plan, users stand to benefit from about 60% in discounts available through coupons. The uVPN packages are:

● uVPN monthly plan – $ 8.99/mo

● Six months uVPN plan -$5.83/mo

● One year uVPN plan -S$3.75/mo

Note, the prices include the use of 10 devices, which is fairly cheap stuff.

Free trial

What if you purchase a plan and you are entirely dissatisfied with the services and the features? Will you lose your money? The good news is there is a seven days free trial period where you can test out the paid features. If you are not satisfied, you can discontinue the plan within those seven days and not get charged. Speaking of the period when users can test an app and get a refund, we must recall the money-back guarantee which is unavailable for uVPN  users. If the opportunity is critical for you, consider another option that lets users request a return option throughout 30 days.

What unique features does the uVPN have?

The uVPN premium version has features that help you ensure that you are safe and

protected while you surf the web. You are also able to have access to restricted content online. These features include:

  • easy access to your favorite shows and video content on various online streaming platforms;
  • eliminate geo-restriction boundaries that may inhibit your browsing;
  • no lags while streaming online;
  • fast download and upload experience. You can upgrade your security

without compromising speed by using a kill switch;

  • easy to select a server location;
  • opportunity to download entertainment and business content from anywhere in the world.

How to use the uVPN

uVPN is relatively easy to use, and with three simple steps, anyone can connect to any of the servers in about 20 countries. The software was designed by its developers in the way everyone can use it and not only cybersecurity specialists. To use the application, follow these steps:

  1. download the uVPN software on your device and sign up for it;
  2. choose the server location that suits your needs;
  3. tap on the start button, and you are good to go.

Pros and Cons

To make this easier for you, we have listed below what we consider to be the pros and cons of using this VPN service so you can easily decide if this is what you need or not.


  • masks your identity;
  • the service has about 30 country IP addresses;
  • keep you safe while you browse;
  • it makes gaming online better;
  • secures streaming and torrenting.


  • may slow down your device;
  • there is no server option;
  • the privacy policy is unclear;
  • may collect and share your data with a third party

How many devices can be connected?

uVPN allows you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. That means you can have your smartphone, your PC, iPad, television, and notepad all connected at the same time.

Customer support

If ever you face any trouble using the uVPN, you can solve it quickly by contacting customer support for help. You can get the support team via support@uvpn.me or go straight ahead to the contact form on the service’s support page.


Years of operations have allowed uVPN to provide relatively good services. Although it is not as popular as its counterparts, it is working towards meeting its users’ needs. The software is easy to use and runs on multiple devices. It also has a friendly payment plan for its users. We hope this review helps you decide if you want to use the uVPN or not. 

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