What is Ultrasurf VPN? | Ultrasurf VPN Review

What is Ultrasurf VPN? | Ultrasurf VPN Review

The technological advances in this day &  age have been steadily increasing and whether we would like to believe it or not, our lives have become somewhat reliant on technology. With the world moving forward, it’s important that we keep up with all the technological advances too. 

Even though technology has firmly planted it’s feet on the ground among the world population, it has also been rewarding for many helping people connect with each other through it’s digital features. 

While it’s features have been rewarding, the internet contains a darkside too. 

Security concerns have been a huge bold question mark that dates back to the very beginning of the internet era. Honestly, With the world wide web serving the world for us on a silver platter, it is quite difficult to live without it. Having said that, we need to be cautious and more protective about the sensitive information that is easily accessible to criminals and hackers who are just waiting to pounce on it.

The most successful way to avoid falling victim to hackers, criminals and internet thieves is to get VPN onto your system. This ensures that all your data is perfectly encrypted and your IP address well hidden. 

Although, finding the right VPN for you might prove to be a little difficult as the number of  VPNs available on the internet is well in the hundreds or even thousands. 

With different pricing plans for different levels of security, your choices will be infinite but it’s important you find the one that is suitable for you.

The Ultrasurf VPN guarantees to provide undoubted privacy protection and lightning speed access. Positioning itself as a brilliant competitor in the field of VPNs, the Ultrasurf VPN has served it’s users well and beyond making it a recommendable VPN in the security conundrum.

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About Ultrasurf VPN

The software was initially created for users in Mainland China where bypassing internet censorship was heavily required but it came to gain recognition in recent years and now ranks among one of the most popular VPNs in the network sector with more than millions of users from 180 countries.

The ultimate goal of the Ultrasurf VPN is to bring internet security to everyone who needs it. With millions of new users joining in everyday, the Ultrasurf VPN is close to achieving its goal. This software model brings in stability and private browsing to your internet.

Ultrasurf Corp. Was founded in 2001 by silicon valley engineer enthusiasts whose motive was to bring about freedom in exchange of information and the Ultrasurf VPN model was released in 2002. This particular software helps break through internet censorship and experience the world wide web without any of the unnecessary barriers.

The Ultrasurf VPN does not store or backup any of the data from your system. It completely erases all data when a session is over and starts up again when it is required. Some data is stored but only to track the performances of the software.

It’s compatible with both the iOs, Android and chrome systems making it easy,  convenient and user friendly.


The Ultrasurf VPN has proven to be resistant and resilient against all the advancing technology censorship and has earned its place among the best.

The encryption method of the Ultrasurf VPN is highly intelligent and complex. Designed specifically to beat all censorship and helps it’s users achieve safe & limitless web browsing.

The Ultrasurf VPN safely uses an uncrackable encrypted tunnel where it’s users will have unlimited access to all internet content. In addition, it uses the TLS/SSL security systems.

During the use of the Ultrasurf VPN, all communication between your computer to Ultrasurf servers will be entirely encrypted and not accessible to outsiders.

Servers and Protocols

The sharing of information with complete access and unrestrictable limits is achievable due to the assistance provided by the Ultrasurf servers and protocols.

A tunnel is used to safely encrypt all your data and information. This makes it impossible for hackers & thieves to get into your system and retrieve the sensitive information you have stored in your system.

The utmost priority of the Ultrasurf VPN is to ensure that it’s users have complete privacy and safety with zero concerns on the software’s performance.

The Pros and benefits of the Ultrasurf VPN

Complete Access To Web Content

  • Helps break down the barriers of internet censorship and gets you complete access to all website content.

Encrypts Your Data

  • Encrypts the data that is shared from your computer to the Ultrasurf servers protecting and respecting your privacy.

Hides Your IP Address

  • Keeps your IP address completely hidden from all the websites that are visited and gives unlimited access to the content of the world wide web.

Loads Faster

  • Loads pages faster and efficiently helping you experience the internet without any interruptions.

Easy To Use

  • Easy to connect and use. Does not require additional time to start or end. Saves time in the most efficient manner possible. Many VPNs require a great amount of time to set up and install while Ultrasurf doesn’t.


  • Absolutely no speed reduction in the performance of the software. Works very effectively. One of the main reasons is that it is a popular VPN choice. When compared to other paid VPNs, this software seemed to beat them without even breaking a sweat.


  • The encrypted secure tunnel ensures that none of your sensitive data or information gets into the wrong hands. The TSL/SSL security systems and Ultrasurf will have you covered.

Fully Pledged VPN

  • Lives up to the reputation of being in the same category as other paid and expensives VPNs

No Data Storing

  • Does not store any of your data for a longtime and makes sure that nothing is backed up. Does so only to track software performance and deletes them when the VPN results are obtained.

Completely & Absolutely Free

  • The app gives you all the above mentioned features with no charges whatsoever. From the beginning to the end, experience all the services of a paid VPN without having to actually pay for it.

Cons and the Features that have room for betterment

Not many servers

  • The USA is the only server that this software can connect to. This is something the engineers at Ultrasurf Corp have been working on. To bring about more servers it’s users can connect to.

Cannot be used for streaming

  • It cannot be used for streaming. The Ultrasurf VPN cannot stream or be used for torrenting. 

Limited customer support

  • Not plenty of customer support. The website does give the necessary information but only a handful. Customer care is also limited which again is something the company is currently working on.

Ultrasurf VPN pricing plans

The Ultrasurf VPN is completely free of all hidden fees and charges. Experience everything the internet has to offer with no interruptions whatsoever. 

Bottom line

Even though the Ultrasurf VPN does have some things to sort out, it performs unbelievably well for an app that is free. The speed reduction of the Ultrasurf VPN is very low compared to all the other VPNs which charges it’s users

Keeps your internet safe and private with the additional advantage of not having to pay any charges whereas other VPNs require you to do so.

This particular VPN is easier to install & use and less time consuming. 

One of the most popular and reputable VPNs in the network sector right now advancing to much more improvements in the future to bring you only the best internet browsing experience.

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