What is MacSentry VPN?

What is MacSentry VPN?

A VPN (virtual private network) was established by a worker of a renowned company Microsoft in 1996. It was based on Peer to Peer Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). Onwards, it was published in 1999. The basic idea behind formation of VPN was safe transmission of sensitive data. Internet users use VPN to extend a private network across a public network, bypassing hurdles of censorship, and geographic-based blocking. Public networks, especially Wi-Fi access points (APs) are easy locations for cybercriminals to enter into systems and takeover data. A VPN provides a shield to internet users against such suspicious activities. It provides a wide-ranging private environment to users by hiding browsers history, Internet Protocol (IP) address, geographical location, and devices data that are in use.

MacSentry VPN was created in “2016″ by Sentry Tech Ltd in Belize under the registration number “161040”. It was created by information technology professionals to facilitate and provide a secure interface to Mac users throughout the globe.

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How MacSentry VPN works?

MacSentry VPN is used to create a point-to-point isolated connection between sending and receiving data terminals that cannot be disturbed by unauthorized users. Tunneling protocols are used to create tunnels over existing public networks. An open VPN protocol is used by MacSentry VPN to create tunnels in Mac operating system. It provides data encryption to users and helps users to protect themselves from malicious external involvement. The MacSentry VPN will connect the user to another network by changing its IP address to a new location.

MacSentry VPN provides high security to users via different privacy features. Kill switch is a safety feature installed by professionals in a Macsentry VPN and it works automatically to perform tasks in uncertain conditions while wandering on different search engines and sites. It also disconnects devices automatically from the internet, when there are chances of a trace of IP addresses. There are two kinds of kill switches.

1-   Active kill switch: it works until the device is connected to the MacSentry VPN and stops the device to connect with malicious networks. It doesn’t work when VPN is not connected.

2- Passive kill switch: It works more precisely than an active kill switch because it doesn’t allow the device to connect with non-VPN connections and it keeps working when MacSentry VPN is not even connected to the device.


There are different protocols that are used by MacSentry VPN to ensure a bug-free environment for users.

1-   IP Security.

2-   Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).

3-   Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP).

4-   Open VPN.

Benefits of using a MacSentry VPN

MacSentry VPN-connected devices have many advantages over those devices which are connected to public networks. Because public networks cannot provide a safe and sound environment, there is a risk of breaching security.

1- The Internet has made the world a global village, where people have connected each other from different fields. A user can excess through different websites around the globe to get accurate information for selected purposes either from legal sources or restricted sources. To keep users browsing private, the user is required to get connected to “MacSentry VPN” for it holds the ability to hide the user’s IP address and browsing history and keep them private.

2- MacSentry VPN helps users to enjoy private networking by constructing isolated tunnels over public networks. In isolated tunnels, data transmission is end-to-end encrypted via secure means without any external involvement, and without your data getting exposed or traded in any form. MacSentry VPN can be used by both normal internet users and organizations.

3- MacSentry VPN is used to connect databases from the same organization located in different areas. Employees can get access to their important documents and related data from a different locations. It also prevents hackers from stealing user particular data like passwords, emails, bank accounts, and other details.

4- MacSentry VPN breaks the geographical blocked content restrictions throughout the globe and helps different sector people to emerge in their fields especially, journalists required references and furtive information regarding hot news and “MacSentry VPN” doesn’t reveal their browsing history. These, among many, benefits of this VPN always make it valuable and sought-after in the market.

5- MacSentry VPN protects its user from “Evil Twins”. These are the public networks constructed by hackers to provide excess to individuals to get entered into their devices. By enabling “MacSentry VPN”, one can protect their information from those of the hackers.  

6- Many organizations get registered with MacSentry VPN for secured connectivity between “Server VPN” and “Client VPN”. By applying this method, data can be transmitted via an isolated system. In many countries including the United Kingdom and the United States of America, companies get registration and make secure relations with users. On other hand, the use of VPN is illegal in many countries also.

The Cons of using MacSentry VPN

Following are some of the disadvantages of using VPN:

1- There are various VPN working throughout the globe on the internet, but no VPN can ensure complete security and privacy. Continuous excess to different search engines and websites can reveal your identity even though the user is connected to VPN. Usually, users put email addresses on different websites to get access. As a result, they reveal their identity like on Facebook and Gmail.

2- Privacy is an important matter to every individual and user prefers to use VPN, to ensure safety and security. Whereon other hand, your VPN service can have complete information regarding your browsing history. As a remedy, a user is required to check the log-in policy of the VPN before starting using it.

3- Excess VPN is not legal in many countries. Billions of internet users cannot excess VPN, particularly in Russia and China. These are densely populated countries and VPN is legally banned there. If any individual is found using VPN, he/she will be charged $2500 as using a VPN illegally for legal work is a crime.

4- There are tons of various VPN working for security and privacy but only a few of them are free for users. Most of the VPN provides limited trial days for free and then starts charging users monthly. On the contrary, for that VPN that doesn’t charge users, there is a probability of security risk and breach of privacy.

5- VPN connectivity required more cellular data as well as speed. VPN consumes more data than Wi-Fi because data traffic uses different routes. Additionally, VPN doesn’t consume more data on Wi-Fi. As per general research, a VPN consumes “4%” to “20%” cellular data, varying from protocol to protocol.

Pricing Plan

MacSentry VPN doesn’t provide a free trial to its users because it offers high-quality browsing speed, privacy, and security. MacSentry VPN offers excess in 14 countries in 18 locations. This VPN has different pricing plans for monthly and yearly subscriptions. MacSentry VPN charges its user $9.99 per month, $4.99 per month for a 6-months plan, and $3.58 per month if you went with selecting the 1-year plan.

In short, selecting a MacSentry VPN will be the best decision for users because it has manufactured and provided results while keeping in mind the general demands of the public living throughout the world. It is developed by high professional and IT masters that further allows for a user-friendly experience.  Various companies and organizations are using MacSentry VPN to keep their system secure and safe. If we had to create a list of suggestions for selecting VPN, MacSentry VPN would be on the top of the list. Why? Because it serves the purpose it is auspiciously designed for. Give it a try once, and you will feel the protective layer covering all your internet activities.

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