What is Keepsafe VPN? Keepsafe VPN Review

What is Keepsafe VPN? Keepsafe VPN Review

If you’re looking for a new, solid privacy service to ensure the protection of your information while using your favorite devices, look no further than this Keepsafe VPN review.

Keepsafe VPN receives pretty good scores all around, making it a good choice for both users who are trying their first VPN as well as those who are looking to change things up a bit.

A good VPN needs good security features, affordability, speed, and even often overlooked variables like responsive customer service. Keepsafe VPN seems to check all those boxes adequately enough, but this review is going to give you the same detailed breakdown we always do.

For starters, it’s important to mention that Keepsafe VPN is a mobile device app that can be downloaded both on iOS and Android. A positive already is that if you’re ever out using a public server or wifi, having Keepsafe VPN on the go with you is an invaluable tool to prevent people from logging your history and getting access to your information.

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With that said, let’s begin with Keepsafe VPN’s security features.

How Good Is Keepsafe VPN?

Like many VPN services, Keepsafe VPN uses encryption technology using high-quality AES-256 encryption. This creates tunnels of encryption that prevent outside entities or cybercriminals from stealing your information. Not only does it do this but it also hides your location, blocking not only your ISP but any owner of WiFi networks that you may use while out from seeing your device’s specific IP address.

Keepsafe VPN currently provides servers for 16 locations in 16 countries, including the United States and the U.K. Availability to servers will maintain your connection on the go as well as the speeds for your activity to keep you going on the go. This isn’t the highest number of servers compared to other VPNs, but they are both stable and spread out to make them a decent pool of possible servers.

A bonus feature that some find to be a draw for VPN services is if they’re able to unblock exclusive or restricted content for its users. Keepsafe VPN has the ability to unblock Youtube content, allowing for access to some interesting and otherwise inaccessible content.

Is Keepsafe VPN Reliable?

Keepsafe VPN hosts a stable connection to its many servers so that connection speeds stay pretty consistent. Not having your service drop while on the go is a benefit for those who want the security of a VPN but want their devices to still work on the go. Keepsafe VPN can be trusted in this regard.

Having as many servers as it does help connection reliability, allowing for people to use Keepsafe VPN mostly regardless of location. However, like most other VPNs, location affects speeds so further servers will likely see this effect. To skyrocket the connection speed while streaming movies or playing online games, there is a better option.

 With its structure and platform make-up being simple and user-friendly, Keepsafe VPN is also reliable for its ease of use. When getting started, all that’s needed after creating a Keepsafe VPN account is a simple click of a button and then your encryption activates.

The speeds and ping using Keepsafe VPN are respectable, as are its download speeds. It is a respectable VPN in this regard, which is huge for its usability and service quality.

Drops in connection or a sudden halt in speeds or service are not likely with Keepsafe VPN, giving it a high-reliability score in our eyes even on the go.

Does Keepsafe VPN Keep Logs?

Keepsafe VPN proudly informs its users and potential customers that it will not log or save any of their personal information, browsing history, payment data, or sensitive device information.

Not keeping logs is a crucial step in remaining anonymous and protecting your information. Some devices encrypt your data but will profit from its sale, sharing with third parties, government agencies, or even your ISP. A positive for Keepsafe VPN is that it doesn’t keep logs, meaning there is nothing kept for them to share, even if it were requested by an outside entity.

Safety Features We Wish Keepsafe VPN Had

A big feature that we here prioritize when looking at VPN safety features is an automatic killswitch. Kill Switches are important if somehow a breach to the encrypted tunnels does happen, allowing the service to effectively kill the connection and protect your information.

This can be considered a safety net, but for those looking for absolute anonymity and protection while on the go, this feature would have been very good to have. Keepsafe VPN is still secure, but features like this remove virtually all doubt and would have boosted Keepsafe VPN if it were available with the service.

Is Keepsafe VPN Expensive?

Keepsafe VPN is pretty standard compared to other similar VPNs in price, though it is certainly not the cheapest or most expensive option.

There are two plans provided, a complete one-month option for $9.99 and a complete one-year option for a discounted $8.33 each month. Clearly, one is a longer commitment than the other and the reduced cost of the yearly option is not that great of a dip. Still, the difference is present and worth considering for which one is best for you.

Each option comes with the ability to use Keepsafe VPN on up to 10 devices. This is good if you’re going to share with a friend or with multiple devices, but for a mobile device VPN, it would seem 10 devices is almost unnecessarily high for one person.

How Good Is Keepsafe VPN’s Customer Service?

Keepsafe VPN has a refund policy that is guaranteed within 7 days.  

As for their customer service, they have an informative question tab on their website where users can find answers to their questions. Email response time is lackluster, taking several hours before getting a response.

Some VPN services provide live chat or 24/7 support, though Keepsafe VPN lacks this option.


Keepsafe VPN is an all-around serviceable mobile app VPN service. It will protect your information on the go, provide security when using hotspots and WiFi while out such as in cafes, libraries, schools, and work.

A lack of a killswitch is the only negative for security, as having that safety net would be a positive. Steady connection and easy-to-use encryption keep your information secure. The price is okay considering what comes with Keepsafe VPN, though there are better VPNs out there for the price.

In all, this is a solid option for people looking to add some extra security to their browsing and mobile internet surfing. Keepsafe VPN is solid all around and is worth some consideration. However, there are better VPNs out there that should be looked into as well, ones with similar features and prices.

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