What is IP Burger VPN? IP Burger VPN Review

What is IP Burger VPN? IP Burger VPN Review

IP Burger is a well-known name when it comes to using VPN services online. The platform was although launched back in 2017; however, it has made a drastic positive impact in the whole market online with its outstanding and reliable services. As a result, millions of people are already using their VPN services as it helps them a lot in their daily lives.

But wait, what are the facts, Features, and other essential aspects that make the IP burger VPN a reliable option for anyone? That’s what we are going to discuss in this article for you. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about it in detail.

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The Servers:

As long as you check out the Official information about the list of Serves on the website, only a few of the countries mentioned in the list will be there. However, you don’t have to believe firmly in those details. The best part to consider here is that the service providers have introduced Virtual Servers with the Customers. Therefore, you would get into the details by just clicking on the available options that come in front of you. Based on that, everything is pretty easier for you to access.

Besides that, IP Burger VPN also provides you the services of Fresh IP addresses along with Dedicated IPs. So yes, it will help in different scenarios where you are planning to pay for the Subscriptions through online methods or accessing anything where entering the personal details are mandatory for you.

Every Server facility you will see in the IP Burger VPN offers you an encrypted DNS System. Therefore, the Secure Data surfing on to the Internet along with the better Internet Speed connection will be on your hands. Also, it gives you another layer of protection, which makes the reasons vibrant for you to use the VPN.

The Connection Protocols:

Many of you who have been using VPN services for a long time tend to experience the same type of Connection protocols for different devices and operating systems. Still, IPBurger VPN is the type that offers you changes in options for a variety of Platforms available.

  • SOCKSv5 For Browsers.
  • L2TP for ChromeOS.
  • For Linux, OpenVPN.
  • L2TP and OpenVPN for Android/iOS.
  • L2TP and OpenVPN for MacOS.
  • L2TP, SoftEther, and OpenVPN for Windows.

Apart from that, the other essential thing that needs to be discussed about the Protocols of IP burger VPN is that it comes with the highest and most demanded Security protocols. Yes, we are talking about the AES-256 Cipher. 

This Encryption technology is used in the current times by famous and reliable platforms. Therefore, the same protocol of standards will be experienced by the users who subscribe to the IP burger VPN. It does for you to keep your identity anonymous by providing you more protection against any malicious or dangerous activity for your Devices, whether it would be a mobile phone or computer.

Plans and Pricing:

If you are looking to Buy the IPBurger VPN services, it will be essential to know that it comes with three different plans: Residential, Dedicated, and VPN. Furthermore, among all these three plans, there are further two portions of the Plans for each of them: premium and regular ones. So, let’s discuss them in detail further on.

Residential Plans:

In the Residential plans, the first one is the Premium one, where you can get three further plans such as Starter ($79), Plus ($149), and Pro ($249). In the Starter plan, you will Get 2 Sub Users, 20,000,000 Residential IPS, and 5GB Traffic per month. The Plus Package has 4 Sub Users, 60,000,000 Residential IPS, and 15 GB Traffic. At last, the Pro comes with 6 Sub Users, 75,000,000 Residential IPS, and 25GB Traffic per month.

The regular Plans of the Residential plan come with the Starter($49), plus ($99) and Pro ($189) as well.  The Starter comes with 1 Sub user, 1,500,000 Residential IPS, and 4GB Traffic Per month. The Plus comes with 2 Sub Users, 2,000,000 Residential IPS, and 10 GB Traffic per month. The Pro comes with 4 Sub Users, 3,000,000 Residential IPS, and 30GB Traffic per month.

Fresh Plans:

In the Fresh Plans, the first one is Fresh IPs, where you will get the Basic ($9.58), Plus ($18.33), and Pro ($25.83). The basic plan comes with Unlimited Traffic per month and has 1 Fresh IP Dedicated. The Plus comes with Unlimited Traffic per month and has 2 Fresh IPs dedicated. Finally, the Pro Plan comes with Unlimited Traffic and has 3 Fresh IPs Dedicated.

The Fresh Plans comes with a further Basic IPs plan where you will get Basic ($4.58), Plus ($12.08), and Pro ($18.75). The Basic comes with Unlimited Traffic and 1 Dedicated IP. The Plus comes with Unlimited Traffic and 3 Dedicated IPs. The Pro Comes with Unlimited Traffic and 5 Dedicated IPs.


In the VPN, you will get three different plans that are of 1 Month ($10.95), 12 Months ($5.41), and six months ($6.83). In all three categories, the services are similar for the subscriber. However, the reason for the rates that are changed is because the more you pay for the advanced month services, the cheaper it will be for you to use the service. Anything that you pay a subscription for every month does remain costly for you.

Note: One of the essential things that we need to include is that IP Burger takes Payments in Bitcoin, PayPal, AMEX, Master Card, and VISA.

The Support:

Most people who were using VPNs for their businesses tend to face issues on the Run time. Therefore, it’s essential to get the solution in the shortest time possible.

With IP Burger VPN, you wouldn’t have to face any issues at all. However, if such things happen for any reason, you can quickly contact the Custom Support available 24/7.

Pros and Cons of IPBurger VPN:


  • Unlimited Server Switching and Bandwidth.
  • Solid Privacy Policy.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Good for Web Scraping Task.
  • It has more than 190 countries Proxies.
  • You can use the IPBurger VPN on 5 devices at once.
  • Crypto Currencies are accepted for IPBurger VPN Subscriptions.
  • Offers Decent Speed.
  • 24/7 Customer support.
  • Provides Ultimate Security for IPV6 leaks and DNA.
  • It offers you AES-256 encryption.
  • Budget-Friendly.


  • No Free Trail available.
  • Outdated and Confusing Details on the Website.
  • No Live Chat Available on Website.

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