What is IAPS VPN? IAPS VPN Review

What is IAPS VPN? IAPS VPN Review

In this article, we will discuss a VPN known for its global reach and speed, the IAPS VPN. With so much to learn, we will take you one step at a time through the various features and characteristics of this VPN service provider.

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Overview and company description

The headquarters of the IAPS VPN is in Delaware, United States, with a global reach spreading across 170 countries. Arguably, their servers are some of the fastest in the business. IAPS is mainly focused on broadening the world of online televisions, that is to say, online TV streaming. We can see this manifested through their products which include;

●  French TV

●  American TV

●  German TV

●  Switzerland TV

●  Italian TV

●  Irish TV

●  Canadian TV

●  British TV

In summary, IAPS VPN is the VPN of choice if you are interested in streaming inline television. Video streaming is ranked highly among the bandwidth guzzling applications. That is why only a few service providers can boast of excellent service in this area. IAPS is arguably one of the best VPN service providers in this particular field.


No fixed price applies to all IAPS products. The company offers different rates and plans depending on the product and, to a more significant extent, the country from which the plan is purchased. Users in the United States benefit from access to L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP protocols and monthly billings. In addition, not-for-profit organizations and military officers in active service enjoy the benefit of the IAPS VPN service at no cost.  However, others that do not fall in this category would have to pay as follows: $19.95 monthly plan, $49.95 three month plan, $79.95 bi-yearly plan, $109.91 annual plan.

In the United Kingdom, the prices vary slightly in terms of products and plans. The plans most sought after include the one-year UK VPN plan, which costs $65.97, the monthly British online TV plan, which costs $29.95, and the bi-yearly British online television plan that costs $41.97. The first and the final plans have a 40% discount for users in the United Kingdom. Other plans for UK users include the 3-month UK TV plan – $39.95, 12 month UK TV plan – $59.97, both carrying a 40% discount.

Countries supported

In terms of reach, IAPS has a global space with servers in about 170 countries which makes it the VPN of choice in that regard. Several countries in different continents boast of housing reputable VPN service providers’ servers. Some of these countries include governments in the European nations and:

●  Canada

●  United States

●  United kingdom

●  Australia

●  South Africa

In addition to its existing servers, the company is experiencing expansions to other locations and launching servers in Western Sahara, Laos, and the Christmas Islands.

IAPS VPN Protocol

IAPS has quite comprehensive coverage once you factor in its server locations and the various protocols that the service uses. The IAPS supported protocols include

–   the L2PT/IPSec, which is available for both 128 and 256-bit,

–   the SSTP ( it is an AES 256-bit-a new stealth service that has the power to override firewalls and filters

–   PPTP, which is 128-bit encryption that is perfect for streaming online TV and surfing the internet.

Each package and protocol is created to suit a particular region or country. So you may not have the same benefits and prices in Ghana as a person in the United States.

Money back

If you do not like the service within the first two days of purchasing it, you can get a 100 percent money-back guarantee on whichever plan or package you choose to settle for. This money-back guarantee has attracted many new users to the service who can more confidently test the waters for the first 48 hours. But apparently, they don’t know there are VPN services that offer up to 30-days to request a refund. You can use any of the following transaction methods to make payments: Alertpay, PayPal, Moneybookers. You can also use major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Traffic and bandwidth

One of the most bandwidth-intensive applications in the VPN business is video streaming, which is what IAPS VPN is built for. This service provider has excellent quality as well as buffering and throughput. IAPS uses a P2P traffic protocol which makes its servers capable of high-speed streaming and connection with up to 1000Mbps dedicated bandwidth. The network is very safe and secure. The encryption of the traffic further enhances its safety at 128-bits levels.


When you buy an IAPS VPN plan, you have access to over 170 servers spread all over the world. Using the VPN auto-dialer, you can select the destination country of your VPN in a fast and convenient way. There is no additional cost to use this feature which also allows you to switch countries. They pride themselves on providing top-speed servers to their users. The speed of their servers matches the speed of the original internet connection. The speed results for the SSTP protocol particularly stand out, and users are advised to use this protocol for unlimited, impossible to block, and secure VPN connections.

Supported devices

What device is the IAPS VPN compatible with? Easy answer! The IAPS VPN is available to a variety of devices which include tablets, mobile devices that run on android operating systems, iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, kindle, etc. the IAPS VPN takes the fear of incompatibility away.

In addition to devices compatible with the IAPS, learn which operating the service supports systems. The IAPS VPN is compatible with Windows XP 7, Mac OS as well as Vista. You can use this VPN with several browsers, which are Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, with an impressive loading time. 

Free trial

This free trial for this application is excellent. You can use the service without time, data, or bandwidth restrictions and are ad-free. If you enjoy the experience, you can then go on to purchase a plan.

IAPS VPN Customer support

The IAPS VPN customer support is unmatched. Their team is highly knowledgeable and provides tangible solutions at all times. They have a support library that is quite comprehensive and clearly defined. Added to that is a forum covering all VPN and VPN-related topics that you may find online. Their teams are always readily available, highly responsive, and qualified. If that doesn’t cut it, IAPS also has a Skype service through which customers can table complaints and get fast responses.


To conclude, the IAPS VPN has proven to be a great provider of reliable and high-speed service. However, you stand a chance to benefit more from the service if your main priority is to stream video content online. In terms of reliability and security, the IAPS VPN service provider, without a shred of doubt, lives up to its reputation.

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