What is Gom VPN? Gom VPN Review

What is Gom VPN? Gom VPN Review

It’s important for potential VPN users to research and inspect the services they’re considering before making a monthly or yearly commitment, especially if there is no refund policy or if the VPN doesn’t do what is expected of it.

Our Gom VPN Review did the work for you so you’ll know if this VPN is right for you and if it’s worth your money, time, and consideration.

There is a lot that goes into reviewing a VPN because there are so many out there. However, there are certain features and aspects of a VPN that are known to be good and those that are known to be expendable. These can be seen over the spectrum of the numerous VPNs, so to save you some time we looked into Gom VPN.

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Is Gom VPN Secure?

Security is the primary selling point for a VPN because that’s typically what users are looking for when seeking out their next or even first VPN to use.

Gom VPN states that it encrypts your information, a common practice for VPN services. However, most VPNs explicitly say what technology is used in order to accomplish this. Gom VPN makes no mention of their encryption tech, not to mention their website lacks a clear answer to this.

Gom VPN advertises as a VPN that won’t log or sell your information for a profit. The issue, and the reason you trust us for your Gom VPN Review, is that their actual privacy policy outlines contrary practices.

It isn’t really that secure when it will allow tracking of personal and identifiable information, meaning that even while using their services, Gom VPN doesn’t create anonymity or secure privacy.

How Is The Speed For Gom VPN?

Speed is often a result of the availability of servers near the user. This is not always the case but a common rule is that the closer a server, the better the speeds.

Considering Gom VPN only has servers based in the United States, it is clear that this is a huge disadvantage for it on the global stage. The speeds themselves are lackluster with huge drop-offs for both download speeds and upload speeds.

How To Get Gom VPN?

Gom VPN is a very easy to acquire VPN, with the process being much simpler than some other VPN services. Simply visit their website in your browser, click download/install now which will take you to the Chrome Web Store. From there, you just click add to chrome and you’re finished.

There is no registration but you’ll need to link a google account or email to connect to it again.

However, that’s the only place it is available, losing Gom VPN serious points in this review. This is often a tactic to reduce costs but it makes Gom VPN look like a second-rate, low-quality service.

As a result of its inability to work between devices of different platforms, and that it only has U.S based servers, Gom VPN is more like a proxy than a VPN.

Can Gom VPN Unblock Content? Torrenting?

Some users look for VPN services in an attempt to unblock restricted or pay-to-access content. Gom VPN states it can do this for users by unblocking content like Netflix and other streaming services.

However, this is again why you trust our Gom VPN Review because this evidence is not the case. As far as unblocking restricted content and streaming, Gom VPN doesn’t enable this and so one should consider other VPNs if this is a feature that’s high on your list.

On a side note, torrenting with Gom VPN is possible though due to its utilization of WebRTC, it will not be secure and therefore opens you up to security breaches, hackers, cybercriminals, and everything else VPNs are expected to protect against.

Is There Good Customer Support?

Gom VPN doesn’t have a live support chat but this is expected considering their limited extensions and size. They do, however, respond to their emails which is something to appreciate. If it’s critical for you to get answers immediately, consider using another service that provides 24/7 support.

Their website was not very informative and seemed to lack answers and awareness to potential issues that may arise while using Gom VPN.

Is It A Costly VPN?

The biggest cost to Gom VPN aside from its subscription is the risk of having your security breached. Aside from that, this is a very inexpensive VPN.

Gom VPN has subscriptions starting as low as $3.99 a month for the annual plan, or $4.99 per individual month. This is very cheap compared to other VPNs, though you’re getting a plan with very few features and suspiciously low-security assurance.

Something that raised our eyebrows was Gom VPN’s gold version, which grants users a private IP. For a $19.99 a month subscription price tag, users with the gold version can refer to people and friends for $2 and an extra $2 every time that person refers to someone. This seemed a bit pyramid-scheme and was a huge red flag that stood out when we began our Gom VPN Review.

It shouldn’t fall on users to market a VPN, dragging what’s left of our expectations for quality down to mostly zero. We’d recommend not using this costly version of the plan if you’re going to give Gom VPN a chance.

Gom VPN Final Thoughts

Gom VPN seems to be missing a lot of the features that users look for and expect when using a VPN. It operates more like a proxy, allowing access to some blocked websites in the way that Tor allows, using your provided IP instead of your real one.

For what it is, there isn’t really anything positive to say about Gom VPN and it would likely be a risk to spend money on this service, especially with the shady practices and ambiguous privacy policy.

Therefore, even with the low price, the lack of security, and the ability to rely on the protection of Gom VPN to ensure privacy is a fatal flaw and why we do not recommend this VPN.

There are better ones out there, ones that are cheap like this one or a little costlier for much better features. Oh, and they won’t have a costly pyramid-scheme-esque package either.

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Still in search of an excellent VPN? You are lucky! Try out this one for absolutely free!

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