What is GhostPath VPN? GhostPath VPN Review

What is GhostPath VPN? GhostPath VPN Review

At first glance, GhostPath VPN is an ideal VPN for any casual user but a deeper review of the service illuminated some factors worth considering.

GhostPath VPN has a welcoming website with plenty of information and transparent utility for all its packages and services. However, people who have done research into VPNs before will pick up on the red flags that arise when navigating the site for pertinent information.

A good place to look when gauging the viability of a VPN is the privacy policy. Some basic expectations for good VPN services are that they’ll protect privacy and data, encrypt information to mask it from cybercriminals, and prevent tracking of browsing activity by ISPs, businesses, and third parties.

While the privacy policy is written very well and with the jargon of legal documentation, outlines quite a clear contradiction in its collection habits. GhostPath outlines its service quality as one that doesn’t compile logs on users. However, the fact that they may still collect information from websites and provide it to third parties or business associates is a huge red flag.

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Many people go into a VPN subscription with the hope that it will completely maintain the privacy and history of their browsing habits. With that being said, GhostPath VPN falls short and likely profits from your activities.

What Features Does It Have?

The ability of GhostPath VPN to protect the privacy of its users is possible thanks to their 256-bit AES encryption which is very powerful. This in tandem with their DNS/IPv6 leak protection and advertised kill switch accent the features of this service.

Multihop VPN provides an extra layer of security for those looking to further protect their personal information. Multi-hop allows for an additional server and encryption level to a standard VPN, webbing together the two for greater stealth while browsing.

GhostPath VPN does a good job of unblocking restricted content on Youtube in addition to the encryption service it provides for your IP address.

The app for GhostPath VPN is only available in its Windows version, posturing as a sleek and easy-to-navigate setup. Configuring the VPN doesn’t take much time and servers are readily available with users being able to enjoy many features like the killswitch, auto-connect, and favorite servers.

Other platforms see a much different look from the GhostPath VPN which is mostly barebone. The features seen on the Windows version are absent, there is no app or easy setup, and the marketable features are underwhelming. 

GhostPath VPN only allows for one device per subscription, limiting it in regards to its universal application compared to other VPNs. There is a service offering 5 or even 10 devices at an additional cost which is a useful supplement to the main functionality.

That being said, the service can protect the data that passes between your routers, and any device from a smartphone to a tablet or laptop. Sadly, only one device at a time is covered, which only really reduces the ability of users to multitask off one subscription.

A big red flag appears to be GhostPath VPN’s reseller program, which shares the inner structure of the VPN. It can’t prove good for user security to share the inner framework of their encryption service.

Pair this with the inability to register for a “free” trial unless you subscribe to the VPN first and a lack of killswitch feature and there are plenty of hesitations to be experienced. The Killswitch feature is ideal as an extra security blanket to prevent data leaks or theft of personal information if someone breaks through the encryption.

Does GhostPath VPN Have Fast Servers?

There are a lot of server possibilities with GhostPath VPN. It is usually the case that the closer servers to users will have quicker speeds, and this is upheld with GhostPath VPN. The issue this service faced was big drop-offs in speed. Consistency is sometimes more reliable to people than raw speed.

The speed of GhostPath VPN’s 145 servers fluctuates, though the access to servers in 45 countries allows for a lot of possible in-range connections. Their website guarantees that wherever you are on the go, there will be servers within range if you’re using GhostPath VPN.

How Much Is GhostPathVPN?

Like many VPNs, users can save the most money by paying for a year’s subscription to GhostPath VPN. The price of a yearly subscription is $35, much more affordable than some VPNs of similar quality. The option to pay for the month is $5 each month, a much higher number but a less lengthy commitment.

What’s a reassuring option with GhostPath VPN is that it has a program to get your money back after 30 days. These guarantees are not always present in the terms of use for VPN services, assuring users that they can try this VPN worry-free.

Can They Be Contacted?

The team at GhostPath VPN can be reached through email or their customer support option. Their response time is above average, which earns them extra points in this reviewer’s book, and their blog is active and full of tips and information. GhostPath VPN loses no points for trying to be as communicative as possible.

Finally, the fact that the company is based in the United States leaves it open to the government agencies of the 14 eyes that exchange information with one another. If it is requested by one of these entities, your information will likely be shared.

GhostPath VPN Last Thoughts

In the final summary, this GhostPath VPN review found some flaws that may turn off fully informed parties.

The money-back-guarantee is a nice feature, along with standard 256-bit AES encryption. Multi-Layer encryption is an asset to have as well. However, for those really against having their information logged and given to third parties, this won’t be the VPN for you.

Security is a huge plus with GhostPath VPN, though the lack of Killswitch on platforms other than Windows is a huge negative.

Its website and transparent proclivity to be open with helpful tips and information is an added bonus, which serves in good combination with responsive customer service.

To reiterate, the security and setup look genuinely credible but if you’re seeking a private VPN that doesn’t log your information or share it with third parties, then you can get better than GhostPath VPN.

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