What is FortiClient VPN? FortiClient VPN Review

What is FortiClient VPN? FortiClient VPN Review

From 2016 to 2018, VPN usage increased an astonishing 165%. Today, around 26% of internet users currently rely on a VPN (around 1.1 billion people). So it’s safe to say that VPNs are more popular today than ever before.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a secure connection between two computers via a completely encrypted tunnel.

While using the Internet, it may bother you that your network operator or possibly government organizations monitor and evaluate your web usage. With a reliable VPN, this is no longer possible and you also bypass web blocks through geo-blocking, such as streaming services or websites in some countries.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) uses an existing Internet connection to connect to another network via a secure, encrypted tunnel. This ensures full encryption for all data traffic sent over the Internet between the VPN client and the VPN server.

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What is FortiClient VPN?

FortiClient VPN App is an Android phone-based. Fortinet, an IT development company in the United States of America, released FortiClient VPN on March 6, 2014. Two brothers found Fortinet; Ken Xie and Michael Xie in the year 2000. This Fortinet’s VPN application allows users, especially those who work from home, to create a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection with the aid of IPSec or SSL VPN “Tunnel – Mode” connections between a user’s Android appliance and FortiGate Firewall. FortiClient fully encrypts user connections and sends all traffic via a secure tunnel.

How does FortiClient VPN Work?

FortiClient works with both SSL and IPSec VPN using the help of FortiToken support. The FortiClient VPN has a free app with limited features; hence, to access advanced functionality and technical support requires upgrading to FortiClient – Fabric Agent.

Forticlient gives endpoint protection and control using several UTM features which include, but are not limited to, Vulnerability Management, Web Filtering Antivirus, Application Control, etc.

Advanced Threat Protection

FortiClient establishes an endpoints connection to FortiSandbox, which employs user-based computation to examine all Forticlient endpoint file downloads.

Security Fabric Integration

FortiClient prevents security breaches by incorporating security modules into the endpoints which enable early detection and prevention of such threats. There is a real-time report on malware, botnets, and other vulnerabilities. The deep real-time detection enables quick investigation and remote quarantine of affected endpoints.

Secure Remote Access & Mobility

By employing SSL and IPSec VPN, FortiClient delivers secure, dependable access to corporate networks and applications from almost all internet-connected remote locations. FortiClient’s remote user experience is simplified using inbuilt auto-connect and steadily connected VPN features.

FortClient VPN Pricing 

The FortiClient VPN app is a free VPN application that supports basic IPsec and SSL VPN without needing registration with Enterprise Management Server. The free version has no central management, technical support, and a couple of other advanced features.

Upgrading to FortiClient – Fabric Agent gives advanced functionality and technical support.

EMS cardinally managed the paid version of FortiClient, so administrators can effortlessly assign method sets to the entire FortiClient in the system directly and without difficulty.

What is FortiClient EMS, and How Does it Work?

FortiClient has what they call the FortiClient EMS (Enterprise Management Server). FortiClient EMS is their security management feature that makes possible the implementation of scalable and centralized management of multiple endpoints (computers).

FortiClient EMS gives valuable and active management of endpoints operating on FortiClient. It also gives visibility across the network, securing, sharing information, and apportioning security profiles to endpoints. They crafted the EMS to enhance productivity in operations. With EMS, they achieved automation facilities; hence, troubleshooting processes and device management are made easy.

Designers of the FortiClient EMS duly considered both small-scale businesses, and mega-corporations that deploy FortiClient on endpoints.

The usefulness of implementing FortiClient EMS is the possibility of remotely deploying FortiClient software to Windows PCs.

Identification of outdated versions of FortiClient software.

FortiClient EMS also allows profile updates for endpoint users. Their access location, such as administering antivirus, web filtering, VPN, and signature updates notwithstanding.

FortiClient EMS ensures the regulation of endpoint registrations, such as to accept, reject, de-register, or block registrations.

FortiClient EMS primarily oversees the system status, signature information, and other management needs of endpoints. 

Pros and Cons of FortiClient VPN

Pros of FortiClient VPN

  • The FortiClient antivirus is active.
  • The free version serves well if you are looking to cut expenses
  • Easy configuration
  • Allows for effective and secure connection

Cons of FortiClient VPN

  • Recurrent transmission failure or delay when connecting with the host network;
  • Delay in disconnection timing
  • The free version is prone to connection failure
  • Requires the installation of other apps like the Fortitoken

Our Verdict on FortiClient 

FortiClient VPN is reasonably free; hence, it is a brilliant solution for any individual who needs a VPN for any reason. We highly recommend FortiClient VPN to help protect your activities online.

On FortiClient, you will enjoy a lot much more than what is obtainable from any other regular VPN program. Your internet surfing device is safe from viruses and malware. This is more important now that the online space is filled with millions of users who lurk around for the wrong reasons. So, when you download the FortiClient Android VPN, it comes with a full antivirus pack, and also a VPN. These are at no cost, which is an offer that we find quite mouthwatering. 

However, it has been observed that users who purchase the paid version of the FortiClient VPN app enjoy additional features. The paid version of FortiClient gives users an auto-connect feature and continuous connection. There are complaints from free users of the free FortiClient VPN, always timing out. With the paid version, your device has the VPN connected and running at all times, maximizing your security and minimizing the chances of being attacked by the many risks online.

If you need an Android VPN application, that serves you a secure Firewall get the FortiClient VPN here.

What is the FortiClient Alternative?

An alternative VPN that will protect all your devices is VPN Unlimited.

It has over five hundred high-speed servers in over eighty locations all around the globe.

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