What is Buffered VPN? Buffered VPN Review

What is Buffered VPN? Buffered VPN Review

Buffered VPN is a well-rounded service that is new to the stage of VPNs, though it’s already made a name for itself as a recognizable asset for web security. With over 40 servers in 37 different countries, Buffered VPN is available to so many in the world, including three servers in the United States.

The interface of Buffered VPN is simple for those new to VPN services. It’s user-friendly and is able to connect to up to 5 devices with a subscription. This number is pretty standard for VPNs and users can utilize the service across a wide range of providers, including iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. Included in this access is a connective app that makes it easy to try Buffered VPN.

It’s important for a VPN to be easy to apply to devices, but that is a superfluous undertaking if it doesn’t protect your web privacy. Buffered VPN features 256-bit AES encryption and DNS leak protection. Security specs are important to keep online criminals from accessing your data for profit,  your ISP, websites visited, or even the government. 

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Is Buffered VPN Secure?

Buffered VPN owes its security to the aforementioned features in addition to its killswitch ability, which can be enabled in the settings. Kill Switches are vital in the event that a data leak occurs and can be the last line of defense secure encryption fails. This feature can be found in the settings on the Windows and macOS platforms.

Open VPN protocols like the one exclusively used by Buffered VPN are considered the most secure, keeping them above the flaws of older protocols. It also allows users to choose between UDP and TCP, letting users make more personal decisions regarding their individual privacy experience. 

Another fail-safe ability of Buffered VPN that’s similar to its killswitch is the Perfect Forward Secrecy feature. It serves as another layer of added protection that generates a distinct encryption key each time you begin a new session. This way, even if a current code is compromised, previous work or future data is protected.

What About Logging Policies?

Buffered VPN outlines their logging policy in their privacy policy, leaving users at ease knowing the service doesn’t keep records of their activities. Although they don’t keep a record of their users, connection logs are kept for a span of 30 days that do have certain information such as how long you were connected, the amount of data transferred during that time, and your real IP address. 

To some, this is not a great privacy policy perk because it lacks the ability to completely ensure anonymous internet use. 

A benefit of Buffered VPN is that its parent company which originated in Hungary moved to Gibraltar. This means that they are outside the jurisdiction of the organization, 9 Eyes. In all, this makes Buffered VPN private, anonymous, and free from governments who could ask for their data due to alliances or data-retention laws.


It’s always key to mention hardware when a VPN utilizes it, mostly because there are some VPN services that don’t offer connectivity to hardware like routers. Not only does Buffered VPN have router connectivity but it protects your devices across multiple channels and requires no manual configuration.

Does Buffered VPN Have Good Speed?

Buffered VPN boasts of having quick speeds during speed tests and they didn’t disappoint. Their speeds were impressively consistent regardless of switching to other servers, including the UK but there were drop-offs for servers across the world. This is understandable and the wide range of servers makes this minor inconvenience unnoticeable when using a closer server. 

Torrenting speed is also an important metric when discussing how well a VPN operates. Buffered VPN doesn’t restrict P2P activity on its servers and is torrent-friendly. Its comprehensive security features mixed with its accessible servers and consistent speeds make torrenting reliable while using Buffered VPN.

Does Speed Help Streaming?

The speed of Buffered VPN works fine with anonymous streaming, though it does not grant the user a streaming subscription service for free. The inability to get through geoblocks and access streaming services like Hulu and Netflix might be a fatal flaw for people looking for a VPN capable of doing so.

Still, speeds are quick enough to allow for streaming of free content, like HD Youtube videos, without buffering or lag. If this doesn’t suit you, consider using VPN Unlimited, as the service provides a better experience thanks to its specifically dedicated servers for streaming.

Could I Contact Customer Service If Needed?

A question for many people who are looking for a VPN is whether they can get in touch with anyone if there is an issue or question. Buffered VPN has a reachable and experienced customer service team. They are supportive through email or their active 24/7 live chat option. They’re both acceptable when looking for solutions and the team is responsive and proactive. 

Buffered VPN also has a website with bundles of information and assets to get through any common problems. Their FAQ section is comprehensive, the site has troubleshooting guides, tutorials to set it up, and detailed content regarding VPNs, encryption, and other general niche-based info about cybersecurity. 

Does Buffered VPN Cost Anything?

Unlike some VPN services, Buffered VPN doesn’t come with a free trial or a way to test the product before committing to it. Some people are turned off by this, though there aren’t many great and secure VPN services that come with free plans or free trials. 

That being said, a common policy that is available with Buffered VPN as well is its 30-day money back guarantee. This can be seen as a free trial, although there are only no strings attached if you cancel within the first 30 days of use.

Buffered VPN can be paid for with most major credit/debit cards, Paypal, and even Bitcoin. Providing the chance to partake in cybersecurity with no trace makes Buffered VPN an intriguing option for a very specific type of web surfer. 

Their Annual Plan which renews yearly is $8.33 each month, whereas the Unlimited Plan is $9.99/month. Each plan has the same features but the longer plans are a better price value each month. 

Overall Decision

After reviewing Buffered VPN, it is clear that it is a very solid VPN option. Although there is no free option, the 30-day money back guarantee is a counterbalancing safety net. For the security that it comes with, as well as connectivity and reliability, Buffered VPN can be trusted to protect your data while keeping speeds steady and torrenting active.

The killswitch is a great safety feature but due to lacking such an option on mobile devices, Buffered VPN remains imperfect. The price and device compatibility is also pretty standard, though the speeds are consistent and encryption satisfactory for most users.

All in all, Buffered VPN is a decent VPN and worth at least trying it out for the first 30 days if you’re in need of an encryption cyber security service that won’t log your activities or share your data. 

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