What is Amaze VPN? Amaze VPN Review

What is Amaze VPN? Amaze VPN Review

Amaze VPN is a VPN proxy that allows users to maintain their anonymity while surfing the web. It does that by masking users’ IP addresses and giving them access to blocked or restricted websites due to geographical location. Available on different devices, this VPN has several pros and cons that you should consider before deciding to use it. First, let’s see what this VPN service has to offer and what makes it stand out. 

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Is Amaze VPN good for protecting your privacy?

Before answering this question, understand that Amaze VPN is one of the few VPN service providers without an official website. That leaves us to gather information about the service from their Google Play description, where you can download and install the application. Now to answer your question, the mere fact that this service provider doesn’t have an official website makes us a little skeptical about whether or not you can trust them to protect your privacy, and it questions their credibility. Consider these points to answer the above question:

  • Amaze VPN privacy policy is nowhere on the internet. The absence of an official website makes the search more difficult. However, the app developer’s privacy policy states that they collect users’ information and may share them with a third party depending on the circumstances. 
  • In their Google play description, Amaze claims to be ‘the most trusted…’ but how can we trust them if there is no information on logging policies, general privacy policy, and user information sharing. 

That notwithstanding, if your VPN needs do not go past gaining access to restricted sites and web pages, then Amaze VPN is a good choice for you. 

Server locations 

Amaze VPN has 20 servers in seven countries which are: 

  • Canada 
  • France 
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • United kingdom
  • United States 

Amaze VPN Pricing and free trial

One good thing about the Amaze VPN is that it is free. Well, not entirely. Users can use the application’s free version for as long they like without purchasing a paid plan. If you choose to use the free version, be ready to accommodate some of its drawbacks. You would have to put up with many ads while using the app. There are also many servers you will be allowed to access, and the speed is not the best. If you don’t know why pay if there are free VPN services, look for the answer here.

What’s good is there is a VIP plan which allows users to access faster servers with unlimited data and no ads interrupting your surfing experience. The subscription plan for the VIP version is as follows:

  • Monthly – $2.98
  • Six months plan – $9.70

By the time of your download, the prices may have changed. You can make payments through Google Play gift cards and credit/debit cards. Compared to the costs of over VPN services, the price for the Amaze VPN is relatively high. 

Amaze VPN speed test

As we have already told, Amaze VPN only has about 20 servers in 7 locations around the world. As a VPN proxy and not a complete VPN package, its primary goal is to give you access to restricted sites and pages. Some of such sites are online streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube, which require a high-speed connection. With the limited number of servers, this VPN cannot boast of fast connections, and it is even worse for those using the free version. 

Subscribers to the VIP plan, however, enjoy faster connections and unlimited bandwidth for streaming content online. Also, bear in mind that the Amaze VPN does not support P2P or torrenting. 

Customer support

There is very little customer support information available. Aside from the developer’s email ID, there is no direct way to contact the team. Whatever your reasons for getting the team, whether to register a complaint or request more information, there is no clear-cut way to do that. This is a massive flop on the side of the team. Users can only hope to get some help from the group by posting a review on Google play which may not even obtain a response in time or any response. 


The name of this VPN seems to oversell itself, and there isn’t much to write home about its features. Amaze VPN is only available for android users, and you can only get it on the Google Play store. The app design is fundamental, with just the option to select a server, subscribe to a VIP package, rate the application, and share with friends, all while being bombarded with loads of ads. These are some of the features you get to enjoy: 

  • Access to your favorite content 
  • Protection against trackers and hackers 
  • Access to blocked and restricted applications and websites 
  • Surf the web anonymously 
  • Easily switch between servers
  • Unblock videos and games 
  • 100% free service 
  • Mask your IP address 
  • Secure your internet traffic


We cannot say if the Amaze VPN is safe because there is not enough information about their protocols or encryption. Therefore, we cannot tell if you would genuinely be protected from trackers and hackers while using public and open wifi. Amaze VPN works well as a proxy, but there are second thoughts about whether or not it can be trusted to attain high security, anonymity, and privacy online. 


Unfortunately, there are very few good things to be amazed about with this VPN. The free version, the unlimited downloads are great, but the app asks for permissions that are not necessary for a VPN provider. An example is a permission to make phone calls. Why would a VPN application need access to calls? The amaze VPN is not the most impressive on the block. It is sluggish and frequently disconnects. 

However, it would be a good option for you if your needs are not complicated. If you only need to mask your IP address, bypass geographical restrictions and gain access to your favorite game. If you have more sophisticated needs like staying secure and under the radar while you browse, then we suggest you find a different VPN that would meet those needs. 

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