Melon VPN Review | All You Need to About Melon VPN.

Melon VPN Review | All You Need to About Melon VPN.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are useful for public Wi-Fi hotspots, such as in hotels, cafes, or airports. A good VPN encrypts all data sent to and from your device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) over the Internet. In this way, you not only protect your privacy but also secure your data traffic.

All you need is a VPN app on your device, which is available at an affordable subscription price. Good VPN solutions work on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and many other devices.

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What is Melon VPN?

Melon VPN App is an android platform application that provides unlimited Wi-Fi Proxy VPN to android users. It offers a collection of over a hundred servers for users to choose from. The major benefit of the application is that the users can bypass location restrictions and also geo-restrictions, internet filters using the Melon VPN app. For example, consider yourself in a workplace where you quickly need to send out a message anonymously. All you need to do is tap on ‘connect’ and the Melon VPN will encrypt your internet connection, allowing you to access content anywhere in the world. Another super interesting feature of the Melon VPN is that it will automatically choose the best server for you.

How does Melon VPN Work?

Melon VPN ‘eludes’ all geo-restrictions and removes firewalls attached to an internet connection. It changes the virtual location of a device and masks your original IP address effortlessly. Melon VPN prevents the tracing or tracking of your browsing activities. This VPN opens both websites and phone applications as well. Users can enjoy their favorite social media apps with no issues. Melon VPN works with any mobile applications selected by the user.

Melon VPN Encryption Process

Melon VPN encryption follows the international expected standard of encryption process of data security. Your data is protected inside to make sure that no one can have access to them.

Subsequently, when you tap CONNECT on the Melon VPN, it encrypts and links your connection to the best server.

The request is decrypted by the server, relaid to the internet, and the requested data is re-encrypted when the server receives it before being sent back to your device. Once received, the VPN client decrypts the data for you to view.

What is Melon VPN Compatible Devices? 

The Melon VPN is available for free on the Google App Android Play Store.

Users can also download Melon VPN for PC / Mac / Windows 7,8,10 and have the fun experience of using the smartphone Apps on Desktop or personal computers. Melon VPN for PC is only accessed by downloading the BlueStacks application on your PC.

The fast and trusted VPN App is developed by Lanpiper and marketed by Inf Security Studio.

For a VPN that will protect all your devices, you can get VPN Unlimited.

It has over five hundred high-speed servers in over eighty locations all around the globe.

Melon VPN Pricing Packages 

Melon VPN has three VIP pricing categories; weekly, monthly, and yearly. 

  1. The weekly subscription goes for $3.99 with a discount of 50%;
  2. The monthly subscription goes for $12.99 with a discount of 23%;
  3. while the annual subscription is up to $155.9 with a discount of 80%.

The VIP package comes with a few rosy offers that stand it out from the free version.

The VIP package got rid of the annoying advert pop-ups, offers unlimited connection time, promises blazing fast VPN speed, and offers more regions/servers.

Pros and Cons of Melon VPN

Pros of Melon VPN

  • Unlimited run time and usage
  • User account not required
  • Gives full access to all networks
  • Seamlessly runs background serves
  • Has a smart server selection feature
  • Connects to a stable network by a single tap
  • Super-sleek interface design
  • Isolate applications that should not access Melon VPN
  • Zero log policy
  • Does not require additional setup or permissions

Cons of Melon VPN

  • Melon VPN prevents phones from sleeping, which results in quick battery drains.
  • Annoying Ads pop-ups for nonsubscribers
  • Only a few selected servers are available for free users
  • Only for Android devices; hence, an Android Gaming Platform for PC like BlueStacks is needed to run it on a PC.

Summary of Details of Melon VPN App

Name of Application:

Melon VPN APK.

What is the Melon VPN release date? November 14, 2018.

When was the Melon VPN last updated?

July 21, 2021.

What is the Melon VPN’s latest version? 5.6.134.

Who is the Melon VPN developer? Lanpiper, an app development company in Singapore. Inf Security Studio is the salesperson of the app.

What is the Melon VPN App ID:

How many installations does Melon VPN have? Over 10,000,000 installs.

What app category is Melon VPN?

Apps, and tools.

Melon VPN Rating and Reviews

Melon VPN has a 4.4-star rating and over two hundred and ten thousand reviews on Google Play Store. A 4.4-star rating has something good to say about the application because ratings of 4 stars and above are good to excellent.

Our Verdict

Melon VPN is the best android VPN application that helps you to access blocked websites. The Melon VPN also gives you reliable Wi-Fi Security and guarantees that your privacy is protected. Melon VPN saves you the hassles of configuration because you can have full access to a secure and anonymous internet by just a simple tap on the “Connect” icon.

Melon VPN is free to use, however, the VIP upgrade which gives you access to ALL servers and more regions is very affordable, starting at a discounted rate of $1.99 per week.

We recommend Melon VPN for Android users who are less techy and those who do not want a complex VPN application.

There are about 15 regions and 47 servers available for free users. Unlock more regions and servers when you upgrade to VIP.

If you need an easy-to-use “Click and Connect” android VPN application, get the Melon VPN here.

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